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  1. Coldplay has a long history of playing shows for KROQ and their Almost Acoustic Christmas shows are this upcoming weekend. It is possible they could be a surprise guest on one of the nights. I expected Coldplay to be one of the headliners when the lineups were announced. Working against the idea of them being a surprise guest is that they should only be a headliner.
  2. Hi Dianne. I saw you there last night and I think it was your daughter that took a photo of my setlist after the show. I'll introduce myself next time I see you at a show. With Coldplay, it's kind of strange as I was following them through reports in NME and Q back in 2000 and was aware of their success there before Parachutes was released in the US. It came out here in November 2000, 4 months after the UK release and I bought it then without ever hearing a single note by Coldplay, just based on the reports I had read. It seemed like a band I would like and was willing to take a chance on the
  3. Last night was an emotional show for me for multiple reasons. It goes back to Tuesday, where after calling KROQ all day long on Monday, I had the great fortune of meeting Chris. When I said to him that I hoped to see him on Firday night, he said "I'll see what I can do about that". He then had an assistant take down my info and added me to the guest list. It was an incredibly nice gesture from a guy who has always been very nice with fans in the times I've met him over the years. The show itself transported me back to February 13, 2001, the first time I saw Coldplay live. I saw them twice
  4. I'm very happy to say that I'm going on Friday as well. I agree with you that it does make sense to go down there and try your luck if you don't win tickets. I have had success in doing that with some of these shows with major bands in small venues. It worked for me with Coldplay at the Troubadour in 2005. I also got in for free to see Green Day perform American Idiot at the Wiltern and the Who play at the Orpheum in 2008. In the case of the Who's corporate show, a woman came out front and just handed out extra tickets to anyone who was there at the time, probably 20 tickets or so. It was gene
  5. I didn't get through at all either after trying all day, but will keep on trying these next 4 days. I did have success with U2 at the Roxy, being close a couple of times with being #18 and I think #15, then getting through as #20 at the start of the second week. What I don't understand is where are all the seats for this show going? This theater supposedly has a capacity of 2,500 making it about the same size as the Wiltern and bigger than the Orpheum, yet KROQ seems to be only giving away around 20 tickets or so per day. I understand that Tidal is giving some away and there will be a guest
  6. I am gettingf sound now. I heard a few seconds of Yellow, now I'm getting dance music. Is everyone else hearing that now?
  7. I used the provided link and the sound on my computer is definitely on, but receiving no sound from this website Strange.
  8. I'm on the NRJ site, but have no sound. Is there somewhere on the page that I need to click to start the streaming? Thanks.
  9. The lineup was announced today and no Coldplay, so that writer was only guessing and had no inside information.
  10. There are rumors that Coldplay could be one of the headliners 0f the Jay Z curated Made in America Festival that will be held in Los Angeles and Philadelphia on August 30-31. Here's a link to what I read: http://glamorosi.blogspot.com/2014/05/855-Made-America-Festival-Lineup-Rumors-Abound.html I normally wouldn't put much faith in this rumor, based on Chris saying there is no Ghost Stories tour besides this mini tour and also having personally asked Phil Harvey about that before the Royce Hall show, but at the end of the Royce Hall show Chris said "see you soon". I found it odd that he said
  11. I met you before the show in the back. I was the guy who asked Phil to confirm if any tour dates were occuring after this mini tour I'm glad to hear you got in and applaud you for your efforts.
  12. Chris said the TV special will feature 9 songs total which are 6 from Ghost Stories and 3 older songs.
  13. That seems to be the way it's going. Maybe they will use the second half of the year to complete that album and have it out in a year from now.
  14. Chris was on Kevin and beans morning show on KROQ today and when asked about a larger tour for this album, he immediately said no. He explained that they couldn't see performing these songs in large arenas, as they are more intimate songs. He said the TV special (and supposed DVD release down the road) is in place of a full tour. As for the TV special this Sunday, he says it features only 6 of the 8 new songs plus 3 older songs. I assume a DVD release would probably include all 8 songs. At one point during the interview he mentioned a new song that may be released next year. Perhaps their p
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