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  1. I apologize if this issue has been asked to death. I think I even posted about this before but I don't see it in my profile history. How is it that someone in this day and age was able to just make the Round Chapel show, that was on MTV Live or something, just disappear? You can't find anything on youtube. Hell. you can barely find anything on Google! Who's behind this? The venue? It can't be their label cause everything else is on youtube. Actually, I just found it. Ugh, sorry.
  2. This is a phenomenally stupid question but I have to ask. The standard DVD does not come with the BR version, right? It's either one or the other?
  3. It did indeed sound great. However, you'll notice that the basses have no paint at all and it's more than likely that the drumheads don't. I've played bass for a while so I kind of understand the art. I could see if the paint on Jonny's fingerboards were specially done soas to hurt nothing. The paint on the body wouldn't hurt anything. Just curious. Thanks. :)
  4. Hey all. Total newb here so sorry if this has been discussed to death. I've been watching the Glastonbury show non-stop since it came on cable. Quick question, what's with ALL THE PAINT? I mean, I've seen the new album cover so I'm sure it has something to do with that, but to paint EVERYTHING with neon paint and graffitti? Is there a meaning I'm missing? Like, are the words and phrases some kind of occult incantation to ensure the albums success (kidding). I mean, Chris' beautiful piano? Jonny's guitar? I understand painting the body but putting stuff on the neck and fingerboard will effect sound, playability and the strings. Thanks and sorry if I missed a previous discussion on this. :)
  5. Quick newb question. Jonny almost always looks mad. As an intense person I sometimes hear this about myself. Any first hand evidence that JB is a nice, friendly guy? Thanks. :)
  6. glorth2


    Hi. Newb here. It's not so much that I'm curious about their pants but, as a newb with a lot of questions, one of them is why they all cinch their pants around their ankles when they're playing live. Just seems a bit odd. Thanks. :)
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