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  1. Agree. I also tend to think about this possibility. Brian Eno, specializing in ambient and world music, may listen to some asian songs (including this song) by accidence. Album credits Takk by Sigur Ros but the mood of this song and the hook are bias to Asian music.
  2. Nope Dude, Tomahawk Chop: E/D B B/G E (6 notes) Hook of Chant at the Alley: E/E D B; A/D B; A/G E (10 notes) Hook of Princess of China: E/E D B; D/D B; A/B E (10 notes) conclusion: hooks of Princess of China and Chant at the Alley are almost same in respect of notes, melody, rhythm but quite different from Tomahawk Chop Song Apart from the similar hooks, Chant at the Alley and Prince of China also have other simlar things: mood, rythm, chord progression. in my view, those're too much and I dont think they don't care.
  3. Some Vietnameses? NOT some but I'm Vietnamese. I hope that you dont mean Vietnamese is not titled to claim against a big western brand like Coldplay. In deed, I love Coldplay's music but I also hope that they can show Vietnameses a fair answer to this incident.
  4. This song is also totally same with the bonus track of Vietnamese Song[ame= ] [/ame]
  5. Agreed. I have noted those slight similarities. However, I wonder what's related to China? and the hook definately recalls the spirit of Asia and Buddism. And yet, this song is more similar to Vietnamese song than Takk
  6. Coldplay booklet states that they sample from Takk of Sigur Ros. They are so funny
  7. You are so funny. Tomahawk Chop made by Seminole (in America) is totally different with hooks in Ra Ngo Tung Kinh and Prince of China in both melody and rhythm. The beats of hooks in Ra Ngo Tung Kinh and POC are quite same. There is only several different notes at the end. If Coldplay was insprited by the hook of Tomahowk Chop or Takk by Sigur Ros (as provided in their booklet of new Album), what would make their song related to CHINA in order to name it as Princess of China. Funny huh. Besides, if you thoroughly listened to the 2 hooks in Ra Ngo Tung Kinh and Princess of China, i
  8. Chris Martin could not be so sily that he copied the same from others. Many things are coincident, are they? song arrangement, hook, rythm, cord...
  9. Not only the element for their intro humming. Arrangement is quite similar as well and the rythm of the first part is also same. Is it a coincidence?
  10. It may be a coincidence. In the Princess of China, Colplay used voice sample while in the Vietnamese song, the singer sang all. However, it's ridiculous that the way of arranging is similar.
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