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  1. Second show is also sold out according to Ticketmaster on Twitter.
  2. Looking at the tour schedule i´m quite sure that there will be a second show added as soon the first one is sold out. But it´s rediculous to ask almost 200 euro´s for an early entrance ticket. How is it possible to get front row for the 'normal' fan who doesn´t have that money? Where is the time of who´s the first in line has the best chances to stay front row ?
  3. It´s great to have a dvd of the MX tour but why not release a complete show?? And why from 3 different shows? Just release a complete show and some bonus footage from another shows (Read: different songs) And the length of the show can´t be a reason to cut in the show for a dvd release
  4. I also think the movie will be released before christmas. And i also hope on a pre screening in the cinema as well. Hopefully they also release a decent live cd
  5. that´s something they always say when it´s a little bit raining. Even when it´s nog raining they say don´t run because you can fell.:cool:
  6. It was a great show in Rotterdam. I enjoyed every minute! Hopefully there will suffer a recording of the show. I wrote a review on my blog in Dutch: http://mabru.weblog.nl/coldplay-in-ahoy/
  7. Ja er is een garderobe in Ahoy voor je de zaal (arena) inloopt/rent aan de rechterkant en die is betaald en ook op de ringen zijn die er
  8. i expect more than 1 support act and Coldplay will be round 20:00 /20:30 on stage
  9. Normaal gesproken kun je zowel voor als na het concert merchendise kopen en zijn de stands als open als de deuren opengaan
  10. On Malieveld there can be 50.000 people. So the chance for a ticket ;-) And in 1998 i swa the Rolling Stones over there with 85.000 people. So there´s place enough
  11. 2012 European Stadium Tour announced 9 December 2011 8:00 am Coldplay to play 13 new dates in 9 countries Good morning. Following yesterday's North American tour announcement, we're pleased to unveil Coldplay's European stadium dates for summer 2012. The dates announced so far are as follows, with pre-sale and general links provided (all times given are local times): MAY 18 Porto, Portugal - Dragao Stadium - On sale 10 December at 9am here 22 Nice, France - Stade Charles Herman / Nikaia - On sale 16 December at 10am here / AMEX pre-sale 13 December at 10 am here 24 Turin, Italy - O
  12. Pfff why does the dutch broadcast puts jingles of radiostation between the songs. Annoying
  13. In The Netherlands you can listen online http://www.3fm.nl/socialradio/app
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