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  1. 2012 COLDPLAY CONCERT IN INDONESIA??? Somebody who knows if it's true, because i just heard if coldplay will concert at 2012 live in Indonesia, so i hope someone lets me know about it to confirm if it true or fake??? :worried:
  2. Thanks. And yes, I really do like the new album. I think it's rather different from a lot of Coldplay's other music, but it's still really good. :)

  3. GOOD planning :D yeah yes i got it! im order cd by amazon and 3weeks i got it in my home haha, you too? yeah cool, i thinkthis album full colours haha and all of songs is nice! what do you think? ;)

  4. Oh that's cool. I'm planning to go to college when I'm 17. :) So you have the new Coldplay album? Me too! I just got it!! What do you think about it? :D

  5. oh i think it is means home schooling yup ;) this years i'm studying at college and take accounting :) hay btw i already have cd album of coldplay haha :D

  6. Yeah, I'm in 10th grade and I currently do school at home. I actually quite like it. :) What about you?

  7. Coldplay :gorgeous: The Kooks :dance: H2O :drummer: GreenDay :guitarist: Blink 182 :singer:
  8. yeah i know as teenager didn't have alot money haha btw you are school or what?

  9. Thanks. :) And that sounds pretty interesting. :) I'd love to learn how to play more instruments someday, but haven't had the time lately. Or the money to buy any, haha.

  10. wow yo so cool, can play many instruments, me? hmmm i just can play *suling* is traditional instrument, but so long time i'm not play it. When im senior high school probably it's the last time am played suling hahaha

  11. Yeah, it's the latest. Found a "The Best of Coldplay" sheet music book in a store recently and got it, but playing Coldplay's songs on a keyboard just could never compare to the sound of a real piano. So I started playing it on my harmonica instead. :) Sorta different, but I'm having a blast with it!! Do you play any instruments?

  12. lost+ as well i think :) uhm album mx it's the last album from coldplay? is't right?

  13. I love the song Prospekt's March and Glass of Water is also a favorite. Also Life in Technicolor 2!! Just love it! :)

  14. yes i have it, 8songs title in the Prospekt's March? if im not wrong :p

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