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  1. When is this video actually being released? I was an extra on it and that was the end of November!
  2. Erm...its not a lie we were paid £100 to be in the Coldplay vid :\ http://twitter.com/#!/pontyboi/status/149551428078272513/photo/1 Well jel?
  3. In our call sheets it stated that anyone willing to go topless would be paid more but the girls refused to do it. They may have done it on the day before though as i was filming the last part of the video in the church. And the Sun saying we get paid £100 more to be sprayed? I didnt get paid a penny extra lol and i ruined my jeans....
  4. Because i was there. Im the guy in the checked shirt. There are dancers in the video but theres no coreography literally just jumping round like mad people.
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liXDL7ou6uM&context=C202c4ADOEgsToPDskI8ho0XGAGlal7E5sGgVK7H]Coldplay Charlie Brown on set video shoot - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Dont fret the videos gonna be awesome. Is all shot in a church and its not full of wannabe glamour models with no clothes its a mix of guys and girls in their late teens to late twenties. Its a rave and features Elliot Tilson from Shameless and Antonia Thomas from "Misfits" necking each other lol. i'll put a link here to some pics on youtube shortly(im the one in the checked shirt) ;) The elephant is back btw sorry to dissapoint Awesome day of filming and Chris Martin paid for all our booze...Great guy.
  7. THe official video was shot last night. I was there and you guys are gonna love it...Its epic!
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