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  2. ^ The only thing I like of Princess of China is the bassline. I honestly think that if they hadn't already recorded it with Rihanna, it wouldn't be on the album.
  3. It's pretty obvious that the video is a mixture of all the summer festivals, don't you see that Chris is wearing different clothes every 2 seconds, even in the same verse? And the fireworks are from MX/HLH, they're no cheating anyone, it's called video editing ;)
  4. Yeah, I do hope they make a real music video with the studio version of the song though.
  5. STUDIO: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTFBJgnNgU4]Coldplay - Charlie Brown - YouTube[/ame] LIVE: Not sure if this has been posted: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq-7UBc3BPk&feature=g-u]Coldplay - Charlie Brown (Live) - YouTube[/ame]
  6. In some ways Paradise and POC are too similar (synths, ooooohoohohoho, lalala), so I don't think they should release POC now. They should release Charlie Brown or maybe HLH first. If not, everyone is going to think that the album is all the same (and it's not the first time that I hear someone saying that every single Coldplay song is made of Whooohooohs xD).
  7. And Chris explained why they used those vocal effects, it has something to do with some european women singers (can't remember exactly what) xD I like it
  8. That happened to me when I downloaded the leak, not when I imported the CD. Try using Apple loseless as the codec (Preferences > Import Settings).
  9. The artwork/booklet is reversible, and the stapled side has to be always in the same position, even if you flip the booklet. That's why each side of the booklet has a different orientation. Then, half of the booklet has to be upside-down so when you open it no matter the side you choose, the first page (artwork) matches the orientation of the next. Sorry for the bad explanation xD
  10. I think it's normal they didn't play a lot of MX songs. Most people have only been listening to it since Monday/Tuesday in Spain so the crowd didn't know the new songs yet. And since it was broadcasted worldwide, and probably recorded for a DVD or something, I guess they didn't want to risk it too much. I would like to hear new songs at Norwich, though.
  11. Where did you get the digipack of Viva la Vida? I can only find the jewelcase version (it's the one I have)?
  12. I normally listen to the full album, but when I walk to and from uni I can only listen from MX to Us Against the World (short walk) so I kinda listen more to the first half. And if I choose a song instead of listening from start to finish, I always do MX+Hurts Like heaven, A Hopeful Transmission+DLIBYH and Charlie Brown
  13. I think it's a common chord progression in oriental music. I say this because it sounded familiar when I first listened to it, and I swear I had never listened to that Vietnamese song. "Yes" has a similar style, too. Also, after the Viva la Vida thing (which I strongly feel it was just a coincidence, since it's also a fairly simple chord progression), they have given credit of samples. I refuse to think that they knew this song xD
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