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  1. Weten jullie of de 3fm live stream van de show in Baden-Baden door iemand is opgenomen? Ik zou 'm nl graag willen luisteren.
  2. I thought you would appreciate it if I posted these here :) Oh, and have you seen this one. Our boy is so busted!
  3. OH MY, the boy has pics of Jonny on the mirror! Busted!
  4. Haha, I like the video! Chris looks good and so cute. It's fun to see him getting more awkward than usual when he's acting. :) And sorry to ask, I made some screenshots, but I forgot how to add pictures in here. I uploaded them to Flickr, but simply adding the URL doesn't seem to work. Any help?
  5. Let me tell you this: I'm a big big sponsor of this fangirly wave there! Please please please do your job well...
  6. Ooooohhhhwwwww. Silly me...... Gosh, seeing Chris being spotted on the airport... I really should get started on that trip to London I want to make in April. Does anybody have some extra time I could use from them???
  7. Ahw, poor girl. Feeling vetter by now? Row! Congrats on 5000 posts! And thanks a million for that GAAAAHHHHH picspam. Gimme curls, gimme scruff, gimme hats & hoodies. Oh, for gods sake, give me that man! What the actual fuck is our sweet lovable Chris doing here?
  8. OMG OMG OMG I was already jealous when Vicki was holding and drawing on his hand. And then BOOM! The hug and the kiss! How am I suoposed to sleep now?
  9. Oh yeah, oh yeah (we'll eat) your skin and bones. Gorgeous sexy mofo! Wabbit, welcome back. Where have you been in Holland the last weeks? Must've been cold with all the snow...
  10. Well, you DID study something... but probably not what your teachers expect you to. If you want I can make you one?
  11. OMG!!! The man for sure knows how to work his fangirls! (Thr gorgeous little bastard)
  12. ^^ OMG, at the end of UATW Chris gave his guitar pick to someone in the audience. Lucky lucky person! Now ita time to sleep and dreaming if being that close to that gorgeous man!
  13. Seriously, I'd love to just look at him for a (looong) while when he's working. I think I'll see a lot if passion and motivation. And some really hot eyes! We should make a study from it!
  14. Oh my! He's so gorgeous! Curls and scruff, more than enough material to have nice nice dreams with! (Message to my mind: please dream about this man! Thank you) Oh, abd I love LOVE the shoes!
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