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  1. Back here in 2020. What a show. I have the full show DL if the coldplaying link doesn't work
  2. Just read security gave out some tickets but managed to push people to the ground?
  3. A few people I know were queuing for tickets haven't been tweeting since the gig started. Did they get in? I got tickets for December 2015 and I know of only one guy (who got in) without a ticket. Sad not to be there, but this is what the band have become.
  4. Ah, sweet man. But honestly, I feel it a bit unfair, this guy came from India without a ticket. The French girl actually lived in London. She ended up on front row but the Indian guy only got 3rd
  5. Ppl let the gig go to locals. We got London & ghost stories small tour. The French deserve this
  6. Just wondering who you are, we were 3 and 4 in the queue
  7. Drinky, where were you? Who are those 2 people you speak of?
  8. Slowly but surely working out who is who! Did you get the names of the 2 girls in 5/6?
  9. Sparky, it turns out both people who wanted to get in actually got in. Where there's a will, there's a way!
  10. Hey it's me! And how stupid of me not to have told Chris it was my birthday, even though I saw him TWICE!!! Who are you btw? Were you 1st in the queue or just behind?
  11. Thankyou to all those who waited at the front with us, from 7am. A truly unbeatable experience - and we met chris! + I sang end of ASFOS with him!
  12. This is prerecorded right? Just seen Chris and he doesn't seem up to playing
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