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  1. Thank you all so much!!! Now to find my next project. Suggestions welcome!
  2. Thanks everyone :) I tried really hard to get all the details right. The hardest part (If you will forgive the pun) was trying to make Guy have the right amount of funk!
  3. Hey everyone! Last year I recreated the music video to . And here I am to introduce to you all my latest video!!! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqCsNf3Om8Y]Lego Coldplay - The Hardest Part - YouTube[/ame] It took me nearly 6 weeks of photography to make, with about 6000 different photos taken. And best of all I still love this song. So, if you have a minute please take a look! And if you really like it maybe check out my Lego page on Facebook, or help me tweet/email/facebook the video to the band!!! Super thank you! Duncan
  4. My favorite photos from last night. Which was the best live show I have ever seen! And I have seen a few Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large Large
  5. Yes, I have a plan to do others. I would love to do Paradise, but there aren't any legit looking Lego Elephants. The POC video might be good for Lego too. After another project (non Coldplay sadly) is completed, Coldplay is next!
  6. Lego Coldplay Hey Everyone, Earlier this year I remade the video for the song Talk all out of Lego. I was really grateful for the feedback from everyone here. Reminded me that I am not the only Coldplay crazy fan in the world. While I have a plan to work on another one soon (when time permits!) I have created an idea for a true Lego Coldplay set on Lego Cuusoo. Check it out here. Lego Cuusoo is a place where anyone can submit ideas, and then if they get 10,000 "supports" then Lego will review the set. I don't know about you, but the Talk video is pretty cool and could lend itself well to a Lego set. My Lego remake is on YouTube . I would really love to hear what you all think of the idea. And if it isn't total rubbish, check out the submission and maybe support it. Thanks heaps! :)
  7. 1300 views in the first day!!! Thank you so much!!! Having only shared it here and to my friends on facebook/twitter, I presume I have you amazing people to thank. Thank you!!!
  8. I didn't do the Viva one. But I have one from that album in the planning stages. Might appear in the next few months.
  9. Thanks everyone, I am so pleased other people are enjoying it. I had so much fun making it! and I will upload a link so it can be seen from Germany (and others with any issues).
  10. It took me about a month to go through the video and break down each scene to work out what I needed to build (and the order to shoot it in). Then about 6 weeks of taking photos and 1 week of editing it all together. All of this done of an evening and on weekends, Christmas holidays helped too! But I think about 150-200 hours of work to take 1800ish photos. Glad you all like it :)
  11. I have done so, and worded it in to an Oracle question. I hope someone is paying attention!!!
  12. Hey all, I am a new user - although I have been reading the forums for some years now. I thought I would join and be able to show this video to other Coldplay fans. This video is a recreation of the Talk video, but done in Lego. It is all my hard work and I would love for others to enjoy it. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FflBj7S70w]Lego Coldplay - Talk - YouTube[/ame] Thanks!
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