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  1. Has anyone had success selling their Climate Pledge tickets? I got other tickets so wanted to sell my original, but Ticketmaster is telling me they are non-transferable... but other people have theirs listed on eBay so I'm confused.
  2. Would anyone be interested in trading Tuesday Palladium tickets for Monday? I can only go Tuesday (flying in) and I couldn’t get Tuesday ones but am hopeful I can get Monday tickets tomorrow during the sale.
  3. I'm sooooooooo sad. And so confused. He was blowing kisses at her the whole time on Friday's concert! So sad for their kids too :(
  4. Yeah they told me the same thing - parking lot opens at 5:30 but can't get tickets until 6. I'm definitely going to get there early and move my car into the lot at 5:30? At least that's the plan now... I can let you know how it goes after on Friday :) I want to wear my navy Mylo shirt but it says "Nice Casual" so I'm not sure if that would be too casual! :) I'm sooooo excited!!
  5. I hope they pick you for Saturday too!! See you on the road driving down :)
  6. Thanks! Looks like it's general admission. They asked us to get there before 6:30, the show starts at 8.
  7. I got rejected this morning for Friday, but they just switched to approved!!!!!!!! So there is still hope!! I'm actually hoping to get tickets for Saturday instead because I'll have to miss work friday!
  8. ticket anyone have an extra ticket they are looking to sell?
  9. stream from the show has anyone ever found videos from the live facebook stream? still wish we could find them :(
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