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  1. who cares?! we were at a COLDPLAY concert!!!!:laugh3: yeah she did, though she didn't have much choice...
  2. it was me !! :D unless there was another proposal during this song... well i didn't plan to propose at the concert(had the ring just in case :) ) but it was such a religious experience that i couldn't help it the sequence of viva la vida and the charlie brown with the xylobands at the dark was epic then came paradise and i knew that was the moment it wan an amazing night regardless to the proposal thanks Coldplay and to the amazing crowd that was also a part, because the sing along was incredible through the all night
  3. is it safe going back to the hotel (regents park area) using the underground at the time the concert will end ( around 23:30-00:00) or better take a cab?
  4. the underground will surely work right? i guess the concert will end by 00:00?
  5. what is the schedule? at what time do the gate open? at what time do the support act suppose to come up? when do coldplay suppose to start?
  6. i have a question. i don't want to stand in line for hours and i don't mind not standing at the front at what time should i get to the stadium in order to catch the warm up act and find a decent place?
  7. got the tickets!! it says doors open 5PM what does it mean? at what time does the supporting start? when do COLDPLAY take the stage?
  8. did someone order the tickets through VIAGOGO and got the tickets?
  9. did someone order the tickets through VIAGOGO and got the tickets?
  10. VIAGOGO STILL SAYS:"Your transaction is confirmed and awaiting your seller to receive the tickets and post them on to you.":cry:
  11. when are we going to get our tickets..... :angry:
  12. please please please let them do this on the 1st show :stunned::D
  13. OK, just looked at the set-list from CANADA http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/coldplay/2012/rexall-place-edmonton-ab-canada-53de73d1.html what do you think? i was kind of hoping they will do SWALLOWED IN THE SEA ...
  14. Any prediction what the set-list will look like? i would really like to start and prepare myself :)
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