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  1. lol, okay okay. I didn't mean anything by it. I'm out, peace and i'm sorry if I offended anyone. I was just joking around.
  2. Dude, I think you're gay. Let's end this conversation because we are just going in circles.
  3. I'm friendly, but I don't scoop them under my wing, act like a mentor, teach them about the world and I certainly wouldn't "genuinely care" about what happened during their day. I also wouldn't say I'm "blessed" to know them. I'm a bit of a dick though. My mates and I never show any form of affection for one another unless something horrible has happened. So what the hell do I know. I think you may be gay. Nothing wrong with that at all. But if you are gay, I think you'd be the "hard to get" type who isn't quite sure and wouldn't want to have anything to do with me. I'd n
  4. Of course not, but I'm just telling Brent that I think this guy has motives. I've read all of what Brent has typed about him and it doesn't seem like a normal relationship to me at all. I think the man's actions have been motivated by a desire to be in a romantic relationship with Brent. Judging from Brent's reaction, I think Brent knows more than he is telling us. But that's fair enough, he doesn't have to tell some idiot like me anything. Those are my thoughts. Feel free to laugh at me. I understand how annoying I am being, but I'm just speaking my mind baybay.
  5. You're blowing what I am saying out of proportion and I think you know I'm right but refuse to admit it.
  6. I never said that, you're getting awfully defensive.. It's biology. He is attracted to men. He has a relationship with you that straight men don't have with one another. I think he wants you to be his lover. I've made my wager. We'll see.
  7. I'm never wrong about things like this, I feel it in my bones. He is going to ask you on a date eventually. I'll give you $20 if he doesn't and I will accept I was wrong and apologise. Also, if he was straight he wouldn't be being so nice to you. Two straight males don't have relationships like that. If he was a girl, and was being this nice to you, the chances of wanting to slam you would be still high but not as high. Because men are more perverted. Duh.
  8. Just telling you man, he totally wants you.
  9. This whole thing screams of bow-chicka-wa-wa. Even though this man is undoubtedly an amazing person, he totally wants to fuck you. He's still a man.
  10. Why do you feel so connected to Chris Martin?
  11. Do you live in London? People who live in London would have a pretty easy time of it. Just pay attention to when the band is home and sit outside his house or be creepy. There is no way to go about doing it without being a creep.
  12. I remember reading the forums here ages ago and people were waiting at the studio in London until they walked outside. It's a little creepy. But ask yourself this: What's the best that could possibly happen? I don't like meeting my icons because there is nothing good that can happen. The conversation is always awkward, and the best you can hope for is them thinking "He's pretty cool.." But if that's your dream, go for it.
  13. *Deep throats you* for fucks sake man there you go again. In a creepy situation as always.
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