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  1. ;_____; So fapping cute.... *Nuzzles into his facial hair all fangushingly*
  2. I LOVE HIM, but that Characature of him is friggen terrifying >< LOL
  3. Thought i'd toss this in here. http://www.uncut.co.uk/ask-graham-coxon-news
  4. Damon and Jamie have stopped speaking before... I feel sure they'll talk again.. I understand where Jamie's coming from though.. with Damon frontmanning on tour, and EMI cutting things like Rhinestone eyes, Jamie has nearly no part of the Gorillaz at the given time, at least, from his prospective =< they should just do it the old way.
  5. I love the fall, but I dont think it counts as an official album because it wasnt actually PLANNED. it just sort of happened, Lol
  6. Well if its any hope to shout, we seem to get a new Gorillaz album every 5ish years? Haha!
  7. Personally I've been listening to DR. Dee soundtrack for the last week. (I have it preordered of course, But I already actually have all the tracks anyway because the internet is leaky ><) ALSO! Random and old, but I like it. xD it makes me smile. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Gy460jacbk]David Bowie and Damon Albarn - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Bah. Graham and Damon are like husband and wife. they just need to kiss and makeup, all couples fight xP
  9. Well thing about that is, there was an interview, and for the love of god I can't remember where I saw it, but none-the-less, the interviewer asked about the rumors that he'd been practicing with Blur, and he was about to answer, then he leaned back and asked "Am I allowed to talk about that?" then he turned back and said "Its nothing... Yeah, it's nothing." SO possibly it's back and forth because someone is telling them not to discuss it, possibly?
  10. I'm thinking they just want it to be a suprise and just want to hide the fact it was leaked.. It's kind of like the Gorillaz thing, the whole no one was originally supposed to know it was him? He isn't particularly the best with secrets and surprises I think.
  11. This is the single greatest thread/Forum thing to ever exist. Ever. I found this... and started at page one. >< Sototallyworthit.
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