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  1. Helene, nice to meet you, too. I'm not good at speaking English, actually. :P What's your favorite song of Coldplay? Is the country you live cold? I live in Taiwan. It never snows. But in the high mountain, yes. Do you know Alexander Skarsgård? He is amazing. haha I love True Blood because of him. :)

  2. That would sound great, I think! Personally, I think Chris and Rihanna's voices sounded perfect together, and I actually think the song wouldn't be the same at all without her. As stated above here somewhere, it is meant to be a duet.
  3. Thank you so much, Yu-tong! I'm trying to check out Skins right now, actually! I haven't started yet, though, haha. Nice to meet you! Thank you so much, Coeurli! Ahhh, really, do you think so? 8D That would be great! And of course I will, I am a Coldplayer, after all! Nice to meet you! <3
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Helene, and I live in Norway. 8D I'm sixteen years old, turning seventeen this June. That was the boring information. I'm a Coldplayer, and I've been since around 2008. Not that long, yeah, I know, but believe me, I love them more than any other band or artist in the entire world. Uh, besides being a Coldplayer, I'm into theatre, photography and watching series and films. I'm pretty weak for several British TV-series. *cough*DoctorWhoTorchwoodandSherlock*cough* There's not really that much to say about me, actually. Nice to meet you all!
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