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  1. This song was the one that got me hooked on Coldplay, and to this day it's still my favorite CP song.
  2. Thanks! This seems like a really nice forum.
  3. My friends and I made our shirts Wednesday morning. We wrote Mylo Xyloto on the front, then I had Lost! and 42 on the back (like a jersey). We got to the United Center around 6. We were looking at the stage, and I could see a few crewmen looking at our shirts and smiling. That gave me hope we'd be upgraded. We were on our way to out seats when we stopped by the Oxfam table, then a lady came up and complimented my outfit. I thought she was just a random fan, but then i notices a walkie talkie on her waist. Then I knew. She asked us some easy trivia, and switched our tix with some for Row 3. We were so happy. We moved to our seats and stayed there for the night. The opening acts were ok. Charlie XCX was decent, and Marina and the Diamonds had a few good songs. Then 99 Problems came on . The crowd sang along, then the arena went dark and the Back to the Future theme came on. The place went insane. Coldplay walked onstage, our Xylobands started up, and they launched into MX/Hurts like Heaven. That began an amazing night. Some notes: • •The new songs were great live. Hurts Like Heaven, Us Against the World, Princess of China were good, and Charlie Brown, Paradise, and Teardrop(even though Chris messed up on the first verse ) were some of the best songs of the night. I was surprised by Up on Flames, the crowd was really into the chorus. And Don't Let It Break Your Heart was amazing, #2 song of the night. • The classics were really good too (Fix You, Viva la Vida, The Scientist...). • •Lovers in Japan-#1 song of the night for me. I grabbed a ton of confetti, it's covering my walls now. • •AMSTERDAM!!! This is one of my favorite CP songs, and I was so excited to be there when it was played the first time since '05. • •The Xylobands were unbelievable. Best musical concert accessory ever. The balloons during LiJ and the inflatables during DLIBYH were cool, and I got a ton of confetti (Perks of being on the floor). • •My seats were awesome. I was at the very edge of the 3rd row, really close to the catwalk and the stage. I made eye contact with the band a lot, and even got a smile from Chris during the very beginning of Hurts Like Heaven. All in all, incredible first Coldplay concert. I have to say this was the best concert I’ve seen (And I’ve seen Springsteen and the U2 360 tour!). My love had kinda declined over the months, but this has certainly gotten them into my favorite bands again. Here's a album of the pictures I took:
  4. moconnell23


    Hi guys, my name's Marty, and I'm a teenager from Chicago. I've been a Coldplay fan for about half a year, and actually joined Coldplaying a couple months ago, but I forgot about Coldplay for a while. Then I went to the Chicago 2 concert, and they blew my mind. I figured I'd start posting on here, since now they're one of my favorite bands again!
  5. @U2 invading Coldplaying now lol

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