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  1. Ahhhh! Finally! That took really long over the pond ;-) I saw your post that you didn't receive anything yet and I was like "noooo, hopefully it didn't get lost." but now I am relieved. I thought about sending some of my favourite sweets from here and I am glad you like them too :dance: Have a wonderful time :sun:
  2. I received my Secret Santa from Belgium this year! Yay! Thanks a lot Hannah (@Captain Crieff ) for your nice message and the Belgian chocolate. I remember you as well from that memorable evening at the Royal Albert Hall and how wonderful it was to meet so many fellow Coldplayers there on the steps ;-) I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time with your family and loved ones and a happy new year 2020.
  3. Hey @Clare42 aka my Secret Santa! I've picked up the second part of your beautiful gift today and I have to say "THANK YOUUU". Can always use a beautiful mug :blush:
  4. Ahhhh! I'm so glad it arrived in time and in one piece :blush: and I'm happy you like it! And what a luck I've chosen the red love button :yum The wooden figures are handcrafted and from our local Christmas market. It's quite typical. The translation of the card you already have by @YeahWeDo_YeahWeDo :grinning: Thought it would be nice to send a German card but forgot to translate it :eyes:
  5. Ahhhh nice! :blush: Hope it tastes still like Christmas ;)
  6. Now the Christmas vibes get me all along :blush: Came back from the post office to send off my little package to my Secret Santa match and look what I've found in the mailbox: a Christmas card by my Secret Santa @Clare42 :heart_eyes: Clare, part one arrived safe and sound and I hope part two will as well :) Will post pictures when all parts arrived. Wondering what that might be:eyes: I thought the card was lovely and then there will be even more... you know how to make it exciting, Clare :p
  7. Sorry for the late reply @Moniru! Just saw that you received your gift and I'm glad it arrived safely (although some time after Christmas ^^) I am glad you enjoy it. Funny thing my Secret Santa was Mexican, too. So it was kind of a German-Mexican bond here ;) have a wonderful time
  8. Hello dear fellow Coldplayers around the world! Sorry I've been so quiet the last months but I'm quite busy with my family and my job.. However, every year I look forward to this special thing the fabulous Coldplay community have :) So today, when I spent time at home due to a nasty cold, the door bell rang and the postman brought me an important letter which I also had to sign. I was wondering what it was and then I saw the brown envelope with all those stamps (wow it must cost a fortune to send a letter from Mexico to Germany ^^) and it immediately has brightened up my day. SECRET SANTA HA
  9. Just able to post this here. Came home last Wednesday from my Christmas and NYE holiday to find a card from the post office in my mail. Apparently it arrived just in time on the 23rd Dec but unfortunately I was not at my home anymore, so I rushed to the post office because they just keep it for a limited time before they send it back to the sender, and I was lucky enough: they still had it there. So thank you my Secret Santa from Poland and the lovely sweets and cards and your kind message! I'm a bit embarrassed because I don't remember your username and the package is at my boyfriend's home a
  10. Ah there it is! Was looking for this thread since October hehehe, finally it's happening again. Although will be busy for me, but count me in as well!
  11. I had a notification in my post on Wednesday that I can collect a package from the post office. So I did today and I found a wonderful present from Turkey waiting for me :) Thank you, Ceren aka jeremyy for your lovely card, marvellous sounding Turkish delight and of course wonderful CD! In fact, I was listening to 2000 Miles some days ago between Christmas and NYE and thought that I may have to make a CD/sampler with all the Christmas songs Coldplay performed in the last couple of years. You literally read my mind with this CD! I am really grateful! Teşekkürler! Sizin Alman çok iyidir. I h
  12. Although i was wondering at first, what the white foam is on the package until I read it experienced a snow storm hahaha. Hope it didn't freeze or got too wet! Pretty icey in NY ;)
  13. Wohoo, so happy it arrived safely! And pretty fast, too. I am happy you like it and I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new Coldplay year :) Enjoy the holidays and your Christmas treats :)
  14. Yes I did :D http://t.co/6oXoWWT2GO" Eagerly waiting for your video :)
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