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  1. Inspired by Coldplay's latest video, I decided to make a short b&w video of Everglow (only the intro) I am still learning some parts, then tutorial will be out! Hope you like this short preview. By the way...this time I decided to go with my Yamaha internal sound, which is a Yamaha grand sample, to be closer to Chris' new acoustic and less bright sound. Enjoy :)
  2. No it's not. It is n8 in combi mode sure of that 100%, look at keyboard magazine video, it is combination mode. You need to tweak 1st and 4th knob yes, but also internally in the sound chain, you need to change all the settings of the rotary and so on. I also think that the organs used to do the combi sound were tweaked in the drawbars settings, you can hear different harmonics in Fix You (5th 7th ecc) while in the original korg triton preset these are missing. So you need to look for that in the combi setting, keep in mind their names and then find them and tweak them. I gave up ahahah
  3. They sound a little bit different, but in a positive way...they sound less digital and more real :) you will hear them soon, you can buy them on their website, or ask Google for the alternative ways I can't say here :)
  4. If one day I will manage to find Someone capable of sampling my kawai you guys will be the first to know and to have these samples ;) cheers
  5. It is not only a lot of work...you need to know how to do that, otherwise it would be a lot of work and time wasted, because it will sound like s**t :) So I prefer to stick with EX Pro Samples with the Yamaha and I'll use the MP9000 as a standalone piano. Next tutorial will be Everglow, I'll use my Yamaha piano as always, but this time with ex pro samples, so you will hear them ;)
  6. Organ keys are on/off, piano has velocity layers, you need to record all the notes with different sensitivity, plus you need a good player to play all the notes of a layer with the same touch...as I said before, what you are asking is called "sampling a piano" and I am not able to sample a piano, I've never sampled a piano in my life, sorry. I'd really like to have mp9000 samples too so I can play them with my Yamaha piano, but unfortunately I can't.
  7. You need to turn up the 3rd knob wich acts as a drawbar. But if you tweak the sound as I did with the rotary, you won't get the correct 2nd organ sound. So you'll need another rack, that's why they have 2 of them. I don't think it's a good idea to buy another one though ahah :)
  8. Oh that's an interesting story! Yes I used midi in/out (same thing that used Chris with the rack) only to test the MP9000 with the Yamaha, but then I had to move the Kawai in another room for space problems, and now I can't do that anymore... I really believe it, but It needs a lot of tweaks and this need a lot of time, and that was the cause of my decision to buy the MP9000...i will tweak again Ex pro samples as soon as I have a little spare time, I think they will sound good with the Yamaha, it will be a nice solution :)
  9. And when did they use Ex pro samples? Yes, but I've never sampled an instrument in my life...only some notes of an organ, which are on/off, a piano has sensitivity, and I don't know where to start from! I'd really like to sample the MP9000 to play it with my main piano which is a yamaha, but I don't know if I'll be able to do that... I am playing the yamaha with ex samples for now, but i am not satisfied by the sound
  10. It is not a problem of being selfish, it is a problem of being able for me ;) and it is not easy If someone does it as a job yes, but I am a web designer, not a musician :) Anyway, it is really difficult to make it sound 100% the same, even Chris abandoned this idea cutting away the keyboard and making it a rack unit. It is not easy, and it will take a lot of time, this is the main problem I think. Give me your opinion ;)
  11. It is not a problem of being selfish, it is a problem of being capable. And I am not capable to do that, end of the story. So good luck :)
  12. This is a kind way to say: can you sample the piano? Ahaha! I'm sorry, I won't sample the piano, both for legal and time problems, plus I am not able to do it for all the velocity layers, sorry. Go with ex pro samples instead, they are really good.
  13. Man you really know a lot of things, such a great knowledge! :) Yes I did, if you listen to "The Scientist Live @ Letterman or Paradise Live @ Letterman" you will hear that the sound is exactly like the one I got in my MP9000 video, and I think they used that sound during MX tour, very bright, a lot of bass and highs (Clock's intro is the best example). In this tour I noticed that in Everglow the sound is still bright (Live @ Pasadena), but it seems it has more compression tough and the EQ is different. I don't know what has changed, but yes, it sounds less digital now than before.
  14. Man you want me dead lol Yes i will for sure, it is such a beautiful song, it deserves a tutorial for sure :)
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