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  1. You disappeared from facebook! :(

  2. It takes a lot to make sweaty armpits look hot....and yet he does so. WOW!!!!!
  3. Thank you! :) The site I was at (a U2 one) compiled a list that was sent out and you could add yourself if you wanted. The list was then sent to those participating. You could choose international or not. I sent 20 cards and got over 20 back from all over the place. It was a nightmare to plan, I am sure. This looks like a one on one thing, and that is cool too! It means a person can really get creative!
  4. ....and she posted it on facebook for all of the haters! :sneaky:
  5. A friend and I were watching Coldplay videos and were a bit tipsy, and decided that we want to be reincarnated as his piano stool!
  6. Those arms are pulling me away from Team Berryman! :sneaky:
  7. Do you do a Christmas card exchange anywhere on the forum? It was done on a site for another band I was once a member of and it was fun to get cards from fellow fans all over the world. Just wondering....... ;)
  8. If anyone else has sparkly confetti, I'd be grateful! It's so great that between the confetti and the xylobands, I have some pretty special momentos from this tour! :)
  9. I sent you one (I'm pretty sure!) I tried to send at least one of each. :) If not, they are in the batch I am sending you this week!
  10. ^ I was just about to say that. I have a bagful myself, and I couldn't find any at all.
  11. It was the first thing I noticed when I watched the trailer! Very cool!
  12. Pants go flying at the Speed of Sound....best line ever!!!!!
  13. He is really good at keeping the beat... :sneaky:
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