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  1. haha thank youu :P and ommgmgmgm brandon flowers; like ill have your babies. hes so amazing live like asdfghjkl;:laugh3: my favorite killers album would have to be sams town or hot fuss. i love them all though. when all these things that ive done came on i swear i was dead. omfg. and awww cats >>:smug: happy early bday!!!!!1!!1!1!1!11!!! and hah hah hah. me? plans? during summer? i wish okay. ill probably just sit in my room, eating food, talking to my instagram followers everyday lolol :lol:

  2. It's no problem at all! :nice: I've been super busy with school and stuff too, so I totally understand. : ) Happy belated birthday to you!! :cake: I hope you had a great day. :D And OMG yes I LOVE The Killers!! :dance: That's so cool you got to see them! I would imagine that they would be absolutely amazing live! Did they play all your favorite songs? :) As for how I've been lately, I'm doing quite well, thanks! :D I just rescued another kitty recently. She's such a sweetie! :heart: I've just basically been trying to keep up with school lately...all the usual stuff...nothing too exciting. :rolleyes: I am very excited for summer though! And my birthday's just a little over a week away. :cool: So what about you? Any plans for the summer? :)

  3. ok i think the last message you posted me was on april 2nd. wow im late. :\ you must be good at guitar :laugh3::D just last monday was my birthday lol, but i got to see the killers on sunday aah!:laugh3: they are so amazing. do you know them!?!?! ah since im in school i cant type a long message but again im sorry for the late reply. how are you lately?!:D

  4. I'm coming along just fine, thank you.

  5. Hey! :D Firstly, it's no problem about the late reply. :nice: I'm just sorry that I took so long to reply this time! :P As for what kind of guitar I play, I play acoustic, as well! However, I'm saving up for an electric guitar because I would absolutely love getting extra skilled on some epic electric guitar riffs. :guitarist: OMG I went to go see another favorite band, Muse, TWICE last month! The concerts seriously changed my life! OMG. :cheesy: Oh cool, you ordered a 2nd Mylo sweatshirt?! Awesome! I have a Mylo t-shirt & a Life In Technicolor II t-shirt, and I really need to go on another Coldplay shopping spree. :nod: :laugh3: So how've you been lately? Great, I hope!! :happy: I shall leave you with one of my favorite Coldplaying emoticons...the elephant: :elephant: :D Anyway, I'll talk to ya later! :D

  6. OMG I AM SO INCREDIBLY SORRY I DIDNT RESPOND . i thought i posted the message a long time ago! aaah! im sorryyy. :cry: what kind of guitar do you play!? i play acoustic! and haha it looks like we got similar gifts:wink3: except the tickets, ugh you lucky duck. im jelly. and HAH resolutions? ya, for the first day of the year cough cough i mean hour really. lol. so um yah. YESTERDAY I ORDERED MY SECOND MYLO SWEATSHIRT . YES.:):smug::lol:

  7. hah no its cool, im alright. how about youu!

  8. Hello :) Sorry for the insanely late reply, I don't go on often.

  9. Hey! :) And thanks. I'm FINALLY over the flu. I feel so hyper now after being so beaten down for weeks! I'm so tired of being tired so now I'm so happy to be over it! :laugh3: OMG congrats on going to England this summer! I'm jealous!! :D Glad to hear your Christmas was good! Mine was fantastic, I got a new guitar also, iTunes gift cards, tons of clothes, a new iPod player, a blu ray player, some new CD's and some books I'd been wanting, and some cash. :D Also, I'm going to have the opportunity to see Muse TWICE in March!! :shocked2: :dance: And yes, I do have some New Year's Resolutions. Some of them are: to be more outgoing and hopefully make lots of new friends this year, to eat healthier, to officially find my culinary school, and to write a handwritten letter of appreciation to everyone who has ever helped me. Someone did that for me once and it meant so much I think it'd be nice to do for others, too! :nice: Have you made any resolutions? :)

  10. aww! feel better! haha sorry, i havent checked my account in a few days but ill check it more often i promise :) and yeah! i found out i may go to england over the summer! like without my family that i live with!! :D:laugh3::D:laugh3::D my christmas was good thanks! i got guitar and im getting lessons!:laugh3: i also got a camera and money and stuff haha (: what did you get??! haha 2013 is pretty good for me so far i hope it's better than 2012! do you have any year resolutions??

  11. Hey sorry for the super late reply! I've had the flu. :( Still feeling horrible, but thought I'd make some time to reply instead of just doing nothing! xD Wow, that's really awesome that your cousin is in a band that loves Coldplay! :D OMG yes, Live 2012 is bloody amazing!! :cry: :loveshower: So, how was your Christmas? Did you get any awesome gifts? Mine was fantastic! And what about your New Year's Eve? Did you do anything for that? Hope 2013 has been great to you so far, too! :nice:

  12. No its so crazy because they started not too far like where some of my family lives. My cousin loves coldplay too and we bonded so much just by playing music together. (He has a band that loves coldplay too:lol: ) And hahaha omg i was the same way! Iwas calling it mylo x-loto for the longest time until i actually heard chris say it right lol what big coldplayer i am. Not knowing how to even pronouce an album xD Omgg yeah it was. Not gunna lie i cried everytime i rewatched it... (a galizon times lol). Wow thats was alot of tears, lol. And yeah! The year went by so fast. I dont knkw about you, but christmas is my favorite holiday!:laugh3:

  13. Hii my name is abby and im 15. I came on here to make friends and to tallk about coldplay. Talk to me! PM me, or skype or kik me! (My username is abbyww1 on both.) Some random ass facts about me lol; My favorite album is viva la vida and i love chris just as much as breathing air. I love music. I can play piano and aucostic guitar. I like to sing but i suck. I hate tv unless im watching and tlc shit or the x factor. (CARLY ROSE SONECLAR FAN) lol just had to put that out there :laugh3: . I love my laptop. I have a tumblr, i go on A LOT. http://Www.pe4santworld.tumblr.com . ((Ik, like anyones
  14. Not much, still doing my Mandarin homework, still have to finish an essay. You?

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