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  1. Hurry up the Millennials' attention span is very limited.
  2. This one is by far the most disappointing song compared to its snippet. The lyrics and vocal melody don't fit the epicness of the instrumental rendering the song extremely inessential.
  3. Picture not showing bae Batman "Interviews" Berryman ~a gay porn~
  4. Thanks beastwars for doing this I'm happy with the results :D
  5. For the first time there aren't any big singles that's why it flopped Adele or no Adele
  6. So sad that Chris missed his opportunity to do a Christmas EP with Ariana Grande. Imagine the meltdowns here. :")
  7. I was listening to The Joshua Tree yesterday and I'm yet again in awe of the fact that it hasn't aged one second, nothing about it suggests that it's an 80s album. It's as if it were recorded today, it's absolutely timeless, thanks to Eno probably.
  8. What I'd actually like that's realistic is: A Sky Full Of Stars Paradise Hymn For The Weekend
  9. A Head Full Of Dreams Hurts Like Heaven Birds Hymn For The Weekend Charlie Brown Us Against The World* Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Adventure Of A Lifetime Major Minus Princess Of China Fun Amazing Day* Paradise Up&Up MX: 6 AHFOD: 6 *bonus tracks that make it exactly 1h long Ooh this was fun I like this
  10. I would turn it into a 2 hour long rock symphony consisting of XII parts of Car Kids that would make critics write 5 star reviews written solely with their cum and tears of joy ^_^
  11. To Pimp A Butterfly is overrated. I'd probably dig it a lot more if I weren't so goddamn white. I love Kendrick, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City is one of my top 50 albums of all time, I think it's a good deal better than TPAB. It is the best album of the year tho but not by such a landslide. I appreciate the Prince and Outkast influences I recognize in it but I bet the biggest influence sonically was the movie Whiplash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZTYgq4EoRohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4noaE0CdZUw
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