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  1. Lo farò, grazie per il consiglio ;) Ma... A quale acuto ti riferisci? XD
  2. Hello Coldplayers, I'm really glad to share with you this video of me tributing the wonderful song "U.F.O.". I hope you'll enjoy it, share with your friends and eventually tell me what you think about it. All the best to you :) Enrico Fusai ☀ FREE MP3: ------------------------------ Lord I don't know which way I am going Which way the river's going to flow It just seems that upstream I keep rowing Still got such a long way to go Still got such a long way to go Then that light hits your eyes I know I swear we'll find somewhere the streets are paved with g
  3. Thank YOU very much for your welcome messages and for your precious opinions... Merry christmas everybody! <3 Enrico
  4. Hi Everyone! My name's Enrico Fusai and I'm an italian Coldplay super-fan. I'm brand new here in this forum and it seems to be a wonderful place to share the passion for our favourite band... They really fixed me when I was feeling a zero... So I feel an inconditional love for them. I've been introduced to this forum by Jack Westrop, a very talented guy who covers lots of Coldplay songs on his YouTube channel. And today I'm here to show you my new video. I'm a singer and songwriter and, together with my guitarist Mario Ceglia, we've covered the super-wonderful Christmas Lights.
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