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  1. Loads of people talking all the way through the song. I can see this happening at a stadium gig in the back. But in such a small venue for such a special occasion? No words...
  2. - Politik as an opener during the AROBTTH tour was the best opener they've had. But maybe an even better opener would be Life in Technicolor going into Politik. That would be heaven! - Viva La Vida really is their signature live song and I can no longer imagine a concert without it. It seems like every song works towards the massive release of crowd energy that is Viva La Vida. I can't imagine they'll ever stop playing it. - Everything's not Lost gives me goosebumps every single time. At the time, I thought they'd play it at every gig, but then Fix You came along and kind of took its place i
  3. Some very good ideas in all posts. Most of it is doable in some form of another. I guess it all boils down to reducing both their own footprint (the production and logistics of the tour), reducing the footprint of people traveling to the concerts and using the huge platform they're given each night to raise awareness and inspire people to change. Taking all these in consideration, I do think the net outcome could actually be quite positive. Which is what Chris wanted. In a way, it's a shame that this is the album they won't (or barely) take on the road. No previous Coldplay album has been a b
  4. Yeah it was. I did not know there was a (decent) live recording of that!
  5. So... sustainable touring. If we want the band back out on the road again, we can only hope they'll figure out a way to tour with less of an environmental impact. Maybe we should give them some ideas and send them to Phil Harvey or something. :cool: What would YOU do if you were Coldplay and: A) You want to decrease your environmental impact B) Ensure your fans still get a chance of seeing you C) Keep making the same amount of money as before? Some things from the top of my head: - A smaller production. I know the impact of the production is rather small compared to the people travel
  6. Yes, very strange indeed. I know it was kind of heavily advertised, but still... . You either had to buy the album or dig a bit deeper and see the "regular" registration link. But I was at the Exeter castle gig in 2009, the Royal Court in Liverpool in 2010 and Cologne for the GS gig. Those were also small gigs, heavily advertised and even easier to register for a presale link. All those venues were filled with loads of people from Coldplaying. Royal Albert Hall was difficult, but I imagine demand was even higher and still quite a few people managed to go. I think the only logical explanation
  7. Are there people like me who still periodically check the ticket link?
  8. And it's actually a pretty good review. Not that it matters. Their rating system is stupid, they lost their relevance about ten years ago (as much as I like that album, but 10.0 for Kanye West, really???), but while reading the review I thought they'd give it a score somewhere in the low seven range.
  9. If loads of tickets do were to pop up today, I'm always willing to jump on the first available Eurostar. Since it will start so late, I could still make it if I take a 6pm Eurostar out of Brussels. Never gonna happen, but I can still dream. :)
  10. Shiver was played during my wedding in the city hall. o_O My sister popped in the Parachutes cd in the city hall sound system before the wedding. It sounded so cool they kept it on blasting at full volume during the entire ceremony. I couldn't hear a thing of what the mayor was saying, but it was pretty unique. :cool:
  11. Echo & the Bunnymen were a huge inspiration for AROBTTH era Coldplay. Also, the new songs that were played during the last legs on the AROBTTH tour that didn't end up on X&Y almost all sound like Echo & the Bunnymen songs (minus the vocals). Which was probably one of the reasons why the first recording sessions for X&Y ended up being discarded. :p
  12. Try the night at the museum plan. Hide in a bathroom. At the very least, even if you get caught, you'll end up with a story to tell your uninterested grandchildren.
  13. Sunrise. It also sounded better on the livestream.
  14. Obviously they're the biggest band on the planet and fewer tickets will have been on sale compared to the GS tour or previous small gigs and try-outs. But still... . There has got to be a way to make this more fair. I know there was an experiment with the Bruce Springsteen Broadway show where you could submit your social media profiles and an algorithm would check for Springsteen references on your accounts. They also took previous ticket sales into account. It's not perfect, but it's a start. Also, Nick Cave sent out invites to people with the most streams on Spotify. None of these systems ar
  15. I don't think it will be worth it. With so many entries and exits to the museum, it will be very hard to meet the band. And I wouldn't count on extra tickets being released, let alone them handing out tickets.
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