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  1. @I ran away - Cool thread! Yeah I've heard about Vitamins! One of several songs recorded during the Sync City sessions with Nikki Rosetti. Honestly, I like the production of those earlier songs (Bigger Stronger, etc.) more than for the Blue Room. Can't believe the sound they achieved having barely recorded music before.
  2. Woah I never knew that! I figured it had something to do with the recording studio.
  3. This pandemic has got me very nostalgic for the past. I discovered Coldplay when they released AROBTTH. I can still remember watching The Scientist music video on MTV, and from then on, I was hooked. Up after that, I grabbed Parachutes, and then the Brothers and Sisters EP. I scoured the early 2000’s internet for whatever other b-sides and rarities I could find. I loved their early sound so much. Which is why the one part of Coldplay’s history that’s always intrigued me is the Blue Room EP. So little is known about this era, other than Will quit at some point (because recording was too ha
  4. Thanks again for writing this out for everyone...but if you would can you do me a favor? I want to sing and play this at the same time but its hard for me to get in the range of chris's voice. Do you think you can possbily transcibe it back into the key of the chords that i had originally given you? I believe its in C major, and that way It would also correlate with the real song. Chris plays his is Ab major. thanks!
  5. these arent the exact chords chris plays but i transposed the first part so it sounds like his. the progression is: Cmaj7 Am7 Dm7 F7 Em7 if someone can transpose this back to chris's version thatd be ace!
  6. Haha ok so I know everyone is caught up in all this X&Y hype but I wanted to take a break from it for a second..... Anyways this might've been on here before but idk. I really like Coldplay's version of Have yourself a merry little christmas, and I know it's nowhere near christmas, but I wanted to know where I can find the piano muisc for their cover or if anyone knows if this is an actual version or stuff Chris something up for it? I've searched most music sites but nothing has come up. Sorry if this is a pointless thread but I'd really like to know. Also this is kind of off topic but
  7. Hey can someone please send me the mp3 for Proof? The live version is kickass and I would love to hear the studio version. Thanks! [email protected]
  8. hey everyone! as you can see I'm new to this board but I'm a proud member of the official coldplay message boards but under a different name. just thought I'd drop in to say hi to my fellow coldplay fans and have a stroll around these boards for a bit. anyways maybe i'll see you around here sometime. c ya. :)
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