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  1. The autumn months are upon us, fastly becoming the winter, and little left leg is getting cold because all of his jackets are no good. I need suggestions/links to completely sound jackets, to keep me warm, but also keep my completely stylish reputation intact. I am but a slight fellow, keep that in mind. In other news, I've parted my hair on the opposite side and i now feel like I'm using that side of the body more, who knows, perhaps even the brain? Oooo.
  2. EmmaLouiseSmyth looks frighteningly similar to an ex girlfriend of mine. Her name was not EmmaLouiseSmyth, you had a lucky escape.
  3. Iain, I told you, I'm like a transient character. Think of me as celebrity guest on Friends, or John Thomson on Men Behaving Badly! That's ALWAYS been my sig cam camerstein of camson, you don't pay enough attention to me clearly :(
  4. Hey! I have the same white thing on a wall as you do! Is that a light switch or a post-it note, with a dirty dream you remembered having written on it, one which never finished because you were embarrassingly woken up by your mum hoovering the carpet in front of your bedroom door, and you're trying to have it again to get to the end? I'm eating original Skittles and they're better.
  5. I played a prank on myself and told me this thread was going to contain an entertaining story. I felt such a fool!
  6. Erm, Mark Owen's solo music is something to behold. Alone Without You would make Shakespeare green.
  7. I am everyone's office crush. Although I don't work in an office, I like to pretend I do, and that I'm everyone's crush. Alas..
  8. Fabulous Muscles by Xiu Xiu is undoubtedly a gay song.
  9. Flooded and dark, then sunny, then torrential rain, then sunny, then rain, then sun, then rain. Always humid. I need a rainy day film.
  10. finally, i thread where i can breathe
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