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  1. I like both seasons, they seem different which they are, but so far I like it. We'll see what the next season might be like.
  2. Aww, dont worry you're not alone. I have been in your shoes too, but I kinda have some plans of what to do for the next 4-5 years, hopefully they are vivid enough and I could turn them into reality :) Have a great day Ari :D

  3. I watched the movie and liked it a lot. Yes, made me think back of my childhood and my early teens, thinking this or that mentioned real event, I was bla bla age at the time. Anyone else has watched the movie? Thoughts?
  4. I play it, sims 2 and 3. Didn't like the 3rd that much. I'm not sure I'll get the 4, surely if I do would be a special pack because that way each extra is cheaper than buying item by item. Other than that way I don't get extensions of any kind. Is the 4th any good? One of the most shocking surprises of having facebook and following fellow writers is knowin a historic fiction best-seller writer said she uses to play the sims between her novels because as old and fancy she may look she is a geek inside.
  5. i'm doing fine, being a year older doesn't feel much different, but i'm a bit worried about what to do the next years. i hope you are doing great :)

  6. Been good my friend. How are you doing? :)

  7. thanks a lot dear. :) how are you doing? ;)

  8. Happy birthday darling! :hug: :kiss:

  9. Just wached the first season, right now I'm at the begining of the second season. Is just awesome, I really enjoy the way they get into the character's stories, some are really surprising.
  10. quiero más golly. los gifsets son un peligro.
  11. I know :P And I have to agree with the church part, but main problem there is I have the feeling many people haven't cared to read the new testament on their own and got their own understanding, so we are following a tradition someone setted, that legitimated via the governments and so on, kinda messy but yeah the point ends to be to force people to behave a certain way. (And that was the off topic paragraph of the day here). Now back on topic, and :wacko: what's why I choose astral projection, to be able to travel through dimensions.
  12. Yeah because we all know is better to let someone learn something the bad way, sure that's the best school. Many parents let that subject to be taught in school... many things in education, most the social-wise are a task that should do the parents and teachers together, imo. I have many female friends that didn't had the talk not even in school, because the parents said to the teacher, I'll explain her but they never did, I guess that's because many people are shy to talk about it?. I wonder what happens with the guys on that subject. I guessed it was an old thread, didn't knew the OP don't post anymore. Thanks for clarifying Cobalt.
  13. What did I do to end in hell? :stunned: Anyways as someone already said, who can assure us that earth is not just the hell of another dimension? Is said there's a 4th and 5th dimension were shapes and strengths are different, I guess magnetism aswell, so we could be able to cross a wall and stuff like that which on our current 3rd dimension we can't do.
  14. *clap to the OP* True, girls have it hard (I noticied that when I was like 6 and I would spend 5 years randomly saying "I'd rather be a guy" to my parents, which then turned on me being just a little bit feminist, I'm not going to be sorry because I trust in equality). I didn't fit in the caring about my beauty type of girl, I rather hang out with the guys, I was curious about things and not spending time learning to use make up or gossiping or mocking another girl because she wasn't pretty, women can be very very mean to each other. That apparently justified the bullies to call me names (and the bully boss was a girl). Girls do the wrong thing by being critic about each other, mostly girls are not taught to be quiet, where guys can be noisy (they can speak their mind with no restriction) but girls have to respect the manners, as many issues can't be addressed they grow up being hesitant about their real potential as a person which may result in frustration in the future, girls are not taught to play team games as guys do, the few that women are adviced to do are to help their shape or show their beauty, to stand out and compete for one's beauty, instead of bringing a project together as men do, women are not taught to be valued for other than their bodies, they are not taught to value their intelect, or their creative skills (well there are some traditional tasks which do but mostly are focused to please the guy instead of her feeling creative) or to be curious about things despite they may ruin their dresses if they keep playing in the mud with a toad because they want to be vets when they grow up. Is good to complain and to admit that we don't have it easy, the big task is help that to change, do encourage a girl that is curious about science, don't stop her because she'll get dirty, do give a girl good values and teach her to defend herself rather than forbid her to wear this or that dress that she likes to wear. Do educate a guy to not rush to get the girl he wants at any cost, or to think is fine to touch their bum because she is sexy and she glanced at him. Personally I focused on my career first, and about being a mother, yes I have the feel, but not a rush, despite my aunts keep telling me I should settle down and form my family. You mention about sex ed, I'm not sure why? Do sex is explained a different way to girls? In my school we'd all get the same talk in the same room. And btw, you say the standard, I mean about sex ed, I'm curious in my high school we never got a talk in case anyone was homosexual, it was just the general assumed heterosexual talk, basically protect yourself to not get pregnant, wow like STD are not something to care about. Another matter is "the talk" one gets at home.
  15. Both men and women sometimes take time to answer a message could be due to different reasons: - they are busy - they don't know what to say (say you asked something you never asked before) - there's been a misunterstanding on something you said and they don't know how to bring it up. Less often than we think they delay to reply due to not enjoying the other person, but it could be, if you have no low self-esteem and it happens constantly chances are there's something in your personality that the other person dislikes but won't tell you, so either you accept it or you come upfront about it not in a mean way. If you have low self-esteem chances are you are imagining things and really need a good friend to listen to you that's why you get bothered when they don't answer inmediatelly to which I advice you stay calm, may be be honest with your friend and ask them to be patience because you are dealing with something in your life that lowers your self-esteem. I'm getting tired of reading all those complaints or friendzoned post on the internet, either from male or females, a person is your friend not just because you enterntain them, nor are they online for your pure enterntainment whenever you are bored, one should not be kind and caring just to be more than friends, one shall be kind and caring no matter what (unless the other person has been violent or aggressive with you before). Basically if you know a person well you'd be able to know how they feel about you, if they are ignoring you or they are just busy, it seems to me many people pretend to know someone well enough, the evidence is when things don't go as they want they complain "I've been friendzoned", I'd call it not be really caring about your friendship because you are not able to read your friend's feelings. It happens that sometimes we rather be blind to see and admit we've done something wrong to our friend and that's why they are not answering inmediatelly. Hope all those possible causes helps you, but be calm.
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