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  1. practice makes perfect, but if nobody's perfect, why practice? (not my own quote- jus thought i'd share it with all of u) the first quote that came to mind was 'CARPE DIEM'
  2. ye i read that in the paper and heard it on the radio. Gwyneth wants a family apparently... well as long as they're happy that's all that matters.
  3. hi jus wonderin where everyone was from. i'm in the UK (London)
  4. i play the piano. starting to learn how to play coldplay songs. well cool
  5. ooo ye he's one sexy beast! :lol:
  6. well i dont drive yet, but if i did i'd listen to Dont Panic over and over and over agiain. then Clocks then Sparks then Spies
  7. i read how some of u were saying that the strings in the orchestra at the Grammies overpowered the song, but now that i've seen it for myself, i dont agree at all. i thought they were better than ever, well the only downside was that only Chris' contribution came through with the singin n all and we couldnt really hear much of Guy, Will or Jonny which was a shame. other than that i thought the performance was brilliant, it was the highlight of the whole evening. i saw the edited version which was a real disappointment (expet for Coldplay) but im pissed that they didnt show them picking up th
  8. does anyone know Coldplay's UK tv appearances???
  9. k thanks but i'll jus tape the grammys and try and download it from sumwhere else
  10. THANKYOU!!! much appreciated
  11. is anyone from england? do you know when the Grammys are going to show here? and what channel??? thanks
  12. to busybeeburns, how do you download the Grammy performance? i can only play it even then the pic doesnt come up (cos my comp is so slow, any slower it'd b goin backwards) ye so how do u download it?
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