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  1. Usually for very good musicians its not the writing that takes the time (coldplay probably have enough material lying around for at least two albums) its just the recording and producuing which takes ages which is why X&Y sounds so polished compared to parachutes
  2. na theyll be gone in half a year, I got hold of their album in may for the wirless festival and theyre not great live or on cd and nothing orignal, but im sure they'll be the next big thing for a while dammit...
  3. Sorry Ive just realized theres already a thread for this topic and it makes much more sense lol
  4. I was watching CDUk this morning and the woman on it as in introduction for coldplay said 'and here's a band who think their new album could be ready as early as new year, here's coldplay with Fix You' Has anybody else heard any other rumors/ confirmation on this? I cant quite believe they'd produce a new album that quickly unless its very kinda acousticy and raw- unlike X&Y.
  5. Take it thats a no then. Would definatly recomnd it
  6. World of music and arts and dance? In Reading? Amazing hippy peace kind of festival? anyone? Surely?
  7. Are you a gentleman that plays/watches a thugs game (Rugby) or a thug that plays/watches a gentlemans game(Football)?
  8. who gives a fuck what you had for lunch.
  9. Just the world we live in I guess. We really dont have it that bad compared to middle eastern countries so I think we should all just be glad of that.
  10. i think they are one of these shitty nme bands who are no different from any other band
  11. This is suggesting that Chris writes all the songs. We all know its a joint effort. Bollocks to this thread!
  12. Rite now Im REALLY fucked off with him. Who the fuck does he think he is pulling out of supporting Oasis- the biggest band supporting. Actually he didnt pull out he just didnt show up. Instead we got the zutons which are 100 times better and more talented. My mind is now made up- hes a fucking idiot.
  13. This is fucking shit. What the fuck is the point
  14. In answer to the original question- Yes, though I can just about manage to listen to X&Y without getting bored. Fix you will soon bore me after its release tho
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