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  1. In the first film, no sound at all was played during this film. This is no different. This is a dystopian film set years ahead in the future, it would make no sense at all to have a modern day song playing during a scene. A score will add emotion to the moment, that's what it is there for. And don't forget, both Coldplay and JNH wrote a melody of 'Atlas' called 'We're The Team', so you kind of will hear Atlas playing during a scene in the movie.
  2. We're A Team confirmed to be part of the Catching Fire score. Atlas will be played during the credits, and We're A Team is a melody of this.
  3. November 19. If this ends up being a soundtrack song, it could be released earlier then that. If it's a song for the score, it won't be released until after the film release.
  4. A second Coldplay song on the soundtrack isn't surprising considering that Taylor Swift had two songs on the first soundtrack but the fact that James Newton Howard has also written this song is very surprising and a little exciting.
  5. Safe & Sound from the first Hunger Games film charted, can't see why this won't.
  6. Why not link the official preview from iTunes themselves? http://a25.phobos.apple.com/us/r30/Music4/v4/56/e3/f8/56e3f8db-fb51-8bb7-3c05-7cd2da16a429/mzaf_8427789859292303904.plus.aac.ep.m4a
  7. There's a simple reason for that: it's not available in any country. It's not available to be purchased in New Zealand anymore. iTunes probably had the song to be automatically open for purchase on September 6, and New Zealand is ahead in time zones so the system opened it up for sales. Once they realized this error, they quickly took everything down. The NZ, UK, all the pages for pre ordering are now gone. It's also September 6 in Australia and there is nothing.
  8. I'm from Melbourne, Australia and it's at midnight tomorrow (Friday) night so :S
  9. They want to make sure the song reaches #1 in the charts and it'll be easier in the UK if done two days later. Also, the world premiere for Catching Fire will be in London this time, so it's not about localisation.
  10. There seems to be some confusion... From this post, there are 40 minutes left until the footage is scheduled. This won't be a trailer, it'll be special BTS short footage and no, an Atlas preview won't be attached.
  11. That bigger build up, I guess, will be when they release the inevitable music video.
  12. I doubt that's the reason because the UK is the only country that has the delay, the WORLD RED CARPET PREMIERE of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be in London this year and the film is released a day early in the UK. The delay is probably just a marketing tactic so the song charts better, I guess. Only thing is there wasn't a delay back when the release was August 26, so strange.
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