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  1. I doubt, that the concept of MotS volumes has ever been to produce same kind of stuff X 3. I don't see any reason at all, why they would do it. There is certainly something different coming up with possible next volumes. But indeed, nothing official about the vol 2 or vol 3 yet. Just some pieces of information, which can be interpreted in different ways and some wishful thinking from fans is what we rely on. At least we know that this release so far was Vol I. From Earth with Love. So far seems like Vol II has been From Critics with Hate. Anyway, I see some exaggeration with criticis
  2. I have never been hating, I'm just pointing out a few things here and admitting I might have way different standards of quality performance compared to people who go to this kind of events. The moral from me with this song is: Yes, there are difficult loves, like this song is trying to present and it's nice to see the overcoming of all the borders with this song, but in the end band should to have some self respect as well. Although studio version and Coldplay alone performing it works alright, this "randomly jumping around with kids shouting" was something, what was really very wron
  3. Yea, in phone recordings it was just buried in this noise, how shit this performance was. And it's not all about a sound, it's just the whole package, it was a total mess by Coldplay standards, this shouldn't happen again.
  4. Although studio version is ok and Coldplay performing it alone has been pretty fine actually, is this the most embarrassing performance ever for Coldplay? I mean all the instrumentation is barely audible and then there is just 7 guys jumping and saying something randomly into microphone like monkeys. Please, Chris you are 44 already, one of the best frontman in the world, what are you doing in the middle of these unprofessional performers?
  5. Although X&Y is great album, songwriting is very strong throughout the album and Chris has a lot to say lyrically, I feel like there isn't much enjoyment shining through it (which was the actual case as we know). It almost feels like the ideas and the sounds were forced out and creatively doing a favour for someone else. Chris' singing on it and all band kind of starts sounding monotone very soon for me. It's very catchy, but it wears out and begs for change. It goes in a pattern of fast song->slow song->fast song... until at some point it kind of gets all samey. Luckily there is Til
  6. I do agree, that at the beginning MOTS seemed like it will be some connected concept story in space. The marketing turned out to be a bit confusing. Eventually it turned out that the Spheres are only a safe space to express themselves about experiences and issues on Earth, nothing more. Although this is also potentially a good concept, I would have expected a bit more controversial and deeper thoughts to be said in songs. So far with vol1 they haven't used the actual potential of this concept. Also the connections between the planets and songs are too vague indeed. It's just a bunch of love so
  7. There's no real straight storyline to this concept. That's the thing about Coldplay always. There seem to be concepts, but they are vague. This is one thing what's annoying to a lot of people about Coldplay. At the same time this has also been their strength and what makes their music very universal - anyone may find their own way through time to connect to certain songs and have their own story with song. I think Music of the Spheres will make a bit more sense after the possible next volumes. So far for me it seems like the planets are just made to reflect certain issues or experiences,
  8. I guess it's something at least I have written about before. Guitar music from mainstream is disappearing recently and that reflects in Coldplay's music as well. Other sounds (often electronic) just inspire bands and musicians a bit more. But actually on this album, I'm still impressed by some of the guitar sounds and the way Jonny uses guitar. In a lot of songs still you get this feel that his glistening guitar sound ties everything together. And yes in studio mix it's often a bit buried, but in live mix his playing is definitely more audible. For example Let Somebody Go in live - t
  9. I see there's definitely some room for additional locations in the middle of North America leg and also in the middle of Europe leg. I doubt that they want to just waste these periods for taking a break. Also of course full leg of South America and Australia etc. But let's not forget there is such a long time to go still, we never know what would actually happen next year. If everything goes well, we could probably see another round of legs with different locations in 2023. I decided to go to Paris. Although it takes a little bit to travel there, I thought I should finally visit Paris and
  10. It seems like overall outcome will be quite similar to AHFOD. MOTS will be the album critics like to criticise intensively a little bit more than it actually deserves. It's easier to do that, than see and write about some positives. Criticising big bands feels always great and intriguing. But in the end Coldplay with the next tour will again deliver one of the best live shows in the world. I can see most of the new songs working great in stadium environment with visual effects. Anyway I think overall it's big step up from AHFOD, which for me gets quite boring and unimpressing halfway
  11. Been listening to leak, quilty. Since everyone already discusses and writes about it, I'm adding a few thoughts. To start with, this album feels like a great journey and it flows surprisingly well, although it's quite eclectic. Definitely the concept of this album is very strong. Starting with with very high energy MotS->Higher Power->Humankind and then middle part is exploring some pretty diverse places and styles. Infinity Sign taking us into more dreamy and ethereal frequencies and then going into heavenly Coloratura. But oh that production! It's about the taste if people l
  12. They probably just get lost in the Spheres and find it difficult to get back to our Solar System.
  13. Asking if it leaked won't help. If it leaks properly then don't worry you will hear about it immediately. Anyone wants to do some research and find out leak date for each previous album? I think this is the record indeed with three days to go until the release without leak.
  14. I just like this "Parental advisory explicit content" sticker. I wonder if the story about certain era ending with AHFOD means our boys finally felt they are now old enough to drop some f-bombs in their songs.
  15. Based on what I have heard so far (full songs and clips) I think that this album is going to be surprisingly good, Production and mixing seems constantly great and varied. And it seems like they have done album, where each song is going to distinctively stand out on its own. That's a great thing, this concept is strong, probably stronger than Mylo, but it's not quite achieving Mylo level overall. It's certainly better than AHFOD, but Mylo, Viva, A Rush of Blood, Parachutes and Everyday Life have more this raw songwriting quality. I kind of feel like MoTS is certainly lacking a bit this pure so
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