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  1. Great post! That guitar pedal is definitely interesting! Giving some very interesting opportunities to mix up the sound a bit. Also I have felt like they are definitely still recording, maybe changing up a few things after being able to rehearse and play in live setting. Also rehearsing and playing new songs live could help to decide on tracklist and inspire writing more new songs of course. Considering there still seems to be some time until the release of the whole project, I guess it's quite sensible to still work on it. About the album being poppy. It probably will be, but I gues
  2. Anyone else find it confusing when in the end Chris takes off from the ground, a planet which is visible above looks exactly like Kaotica, no? So where does this video take place then? It was supposed to be on Kaotica. Sorry I'm totally lost 😆
  3. That's a bit confusing. If we stick to the orbit, we can't reach other planets or do they have all the planets on the same orbit in this solar system called The Spheres? 😄 Anyway, when not overthinking, it could mean that this album/project is separated into three parts, yes. Or maybe it is even 3 EPs, which make an album. I guess we are about to find out...
  4. Classic Chris again 😄 Well, it's a whole other topic, but I guess it's fair to say at this point they are certainly halfway through their career. After being halfway through this actually seems finally like a fair thing to say by Chris, like it or not. 😆
  5. I don't really get it, what is exactly the same about it? Someone please explain. Chris walks in a lot of the videos in my opinion.😆
  6. I see this BTS collab being quite possible in one way or another, given there is so many hints about it. I'm just hoping it's worth it, because BTS truly is just a product, not a real music act. So in this case this will be quite a risky collaboration, if this song really is good enough and doesn't leave a bad mark on the new album. If Coldplay can make it work well and seem natural, I'd be very impressed. But on the other hand, even if it's just an average song, it probably will boost the finance of Coldplay anyway. I was getting worried after these recent TV performances, the amount of
  7. I'm a bit worried by this possible BTS collaboration when considering Coldplay as a great live band. It better be a damn massive hit song or something weird that they never include in touring setlist or make another version for live performances, because obviously there will be will be a very few real live performances together with BTS on stage. I'm not really enjoying the vocals coming from backing tracks in live performances, already Princess of China a bit annoyed me and there has been more and more prominent vocal tracks coming from backing tracks since that. Also Higher Power has a
  8. I don't know if it's said anywhere, but these number combinations on postcards definitely seem to be coordinates and form a shape over Iran. I found out in reddit that there is 6 different combinations of these numbers and wrote them with last number being after point (for example 26.7, 50.2). I mean it could be coincidence that it forms a shape over Iran, because it could be some other obscure coordinate system.. This is definitely weird, Coldplay or not.
  9. Visually stunning performance. Really enjoyed the proper live version of Higher Power. This one had very human and real live feel to it, not like these very perfected American Idol and BRITs performances. Also the intro and Human Heart totally change the expectations for the new album. Got really amazing spacey vibes from these. Seems like there will be some depth also, not just happy dance songs.
  10. Not 100% sure, but where else to use them? At least for me the timeline of asking for these and everything seems to indicate these are for Glastonbury performance. Sorry if I'm wrong though.😁 Edit: And it seems I was wrong. Reason is in spoiler, if someone wants it to be surprise.
  11. In my opinion Champion of the World should fit in quite well in future setlists, if not in these little festival performances, then maybe on next tour. Maybe Everyday Life (the song) as well, if there is room for that on B-stage setlist or something. I don't want to hear this bullsh*t from Chris' mouth that nobody wants to hear any songs from EL album. 😆 Also, I'm waiting for some interesting rearrangements of some X&Y songs (in addition to Fix You), there is so much potential! Worthy Farm Live setlist most probably is full of previous hits indeed + Higher Power, but there has to
  12. Wow, is Worthy Farm really recorded already? Didn't expect that, kind of disappointing, if it's true. Although, in my opinion it is very possible to plan such event to run smoothly in proper live broadcast, there is just some good preparation and planning needed. About the terminology, it's definitely confusing when they use "live" in the YouTube video title. In this case American Idol's video has more proper title indeed "Coldplay Performs Higher Power". And even this not 100% true, these truly are almost just music videos of a "live sounding version".
  13. One thing is having some backing tracks already, but scary thing is that it sometimes impossible to tell, how much the pre-recorded playing/singing was edited. You need really good ear to be able to notice it. Sometimes there is just some little post production, some fixes in mix, which aren't so noticeable. These two Higher Power performances sound way too perfect, perfectly mixed with some vocal editing. Although when you know it's live broadcast, it's different story. Then you might wonder about different things, for example how much there are some subtle backing tracks for fuller soun
  14. Oh yeah! I was just talking about this Everday Life Live in Jordan performance generally, which was really good. Chris's vocals in Church are definitely not live, although it somehow seemed that there was possibility of clever mixing with live vocal and pre-recorded/studio vocal track. It's really difficult to tell actually, but it stands out that it is not 100% live.
  15. There has been no Higher Power actual live performance yet, guys. Although it's a bit interesting how these performances were done technically. I wrote my opinion about it on this thread.
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