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  1. Might be that YouTube Premium is not available in your country. :( https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6307365
  2. Here's the BBC morning interview, that someone uploaded to YouTube
  3. Although everyone has their right for opinion, then some reviews often give me the feeling, that reviewers are trying waaaaay too much to show-off their position as music critic and their "talents" to write smartass sophisticated crap. :laughing: But that's what they're paid for - to provoke controversy. Still, most of reviews are nice to read.
  4. Can anyone read the review from musicOMH already? Thought there might be some country or timezone restrictions or something, because I couldn't open The Line of Best Fit's review either.
  5. Here you go, seems like a 5/5 review. Probably the first official rating from press or did I miss something? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/what-to-listen-to/coldplay-everyday-life-review-16-heart-on-sleeve-songs-one-greatest/
  6. Yes, I'm quilty of checking out the leak... The information I'm sharing here isn't really related to music, so I thought it's ok to share it here for some discussion. There's a photo of album's leaflet. The start of the sentence isn't visible, but it's probably something like "...% of all proceeds from this album will go to global reforestation efforts".
  7. This is Steve Hackman's Beethoven vs Coldplay symphony. Google it. Nothing to do with LP8. :)
  8. My opinion: Coldplay's "Imagine"! But let's get to there.... It's just a nice and beautiful little song, which closes the album. It has a really classic Coldplay feel to it, production is complete and not overdone. It's not going to be the big hit single in the current music scene and being the last song of the album, it probably is supposed to work much better after listening the whole album. Lack of climax? At first I felt the same with for example Always in my Head. I think we are associating Coldplay too much with massive climaxes and wait for these to happen, getting a bit disappo
  9. This is a surprise release certainly... What I really like about this song, is that the whole atmosphere of the song is reflecting and supporting the lyrics perfectly. The beauty of this song relies on the good production and mix, which you can enjoy only on a good audio system. The progression of the song and instruments coming in throughout the song is really really good. I liked each element of this song and in live performance it may sound even more pure. In conclusion, it's a beautiful song, produced perfectly. It won't be a hit and it isn't the goal for this song, but certainly it
  10. Agreeing with that. Reviews are only critics' opinion, not the truth, but when there is many of same opinions, it becomes a truth. After giving to the album a bit more listens, I have to say, all that criticism is justified for this album and i'm not expecting really reviews with high ratings. Although it feels nice and fun album in some moments, musically it's not reaching really to the levels it could and it's not entirely the Stargate's fault. Firstly, I think there is missing a song which could become a classic. Hymn for the Weekend was supposed to be the important song, but let's be h
  11. The Guardian has now given 6/10 to each Coldplay album, i think :D
  12. He's not playing piano, to be honest this song sounds a bit messy live :D haha
  13. Charlie Brown after Everglow makes sense! You give me this feeling, this everglow - we'll be glowing in the dark! haha
  14. Yes, for me Depression Cherry by Beach House works well as background music, especially while studying late at nights. A Head Full of Dreams works well when trying to listen to something which gets you up and motivated, or while surfing internet or something and especially well on Fridays after school or work. :D
  15. It's good to see so large variety of opinions. Some people liking the album, some disliking and the reasons are very different also. It just shows that this is quite controversial album and has so much different music on it. All i want to say right now that if you approach to this album with knowing that mostly it was written around Hymn for the Weekend and AHFOD (title track), then you probably feel different about the whole album. Similar as Paradise and Charlie Brown were centrepieces in MX and with VLVoDAHF i think they wrote it around Lost! and Viva la Vida. So considering that a l
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