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  1. For sure it will be arranged a bit differently for live performance. Although the complexity of this song makes me a bit worried too, I see a lot of ways how to make killer live performance out of it. And I totally see Jonny playing some synths live, maybe even Guy as well. There have been quite a lot songs before that, where they figured out a great live version and I doubt that they let complexity of studio version to be an obstacle to play this great song live. I might be wrong, but I totally feel that Will saying in Greg James interview "his favourite song will be played in some form"
  2. It's difficult to compare openers and closers separately. They all work in the album context really well. From openers Politik and Square One are the best songs for me. But considering how openers work in stadium concert setlist, I think it's a tie between AHFOD and MX/Hurts Like Heaven - both are really effective and work well with visuals. Politik is the opener with the most depth and quality, but it doesn't let the band to connect to crowd that easily. AHFOD does a great job with involving the audience already on 2nd or 3rd minute of the concert + this legendary jump by Chris! It seem
  3. Okay, I didn't get that feeling though. For me there is no way My Universe is Will's favourite song of these new ones and I can't see anything about My Universe, what makes them say like it's special and very different.
  4. Any ideas, when we might get to see this song performed live? Anyone knows what was the not broadcasted secret song they performed for BBC Big Weekend? From the interview with Greg James it seems like at the end of the set they were going to play some new song instead of Life Is For Living. I'm just wondering if it was Coloratura and if will be able to see it anytime. It will be exciting to see, how it's arranged for live performance and of course hear some bits from Jonny higher up in mix.
  5. I think Max Martin is best for Coldplay right now. There's a reason why he's so successful and a lot of people don't actually realise exactly why. He might seem like a pop producer and pop songwriter, but he's so much more. He actually started in rock music and his versatility is actually limitless, in studio he is allround great, because he is actually good at engineering and mixing too, but he doesn't do that much himself anymore. I think it's a great opportunity for him as well to work with a band and prove through Coldplay that he's very versatile. And it's very important they have someone
  6. I thought this "PM me" culture is forbidden. Are all the moderators on Coloratura now? 🤔
  7. Which song? Coloratura is a symphony 😀 I mean, I appreciate you could find a number to rate it. For me honestly Coloratura isn't something to give ratings to, it's too unique.
  8. I think they really did something big here. The progression of it is quite unexpected and totally unique. They really showed their depth here. Amazing symphony. Not much to say, in my opinion this is their greatest song so far.
  9. It will be very interesting to see how It will progress. With such long songs the magic is in progression and how it is built up. I just hope it's not too good, because from my experience when I listen to a really great 10 minute song many times, time goes really fast. Just kidding, I'm ready to listen it until the morning or until I just fall asleep while listening. 😀 But some long songs... Of course I like lots of these, but some of which I listen right now: Mew - Comforting Sounds Then of course Jon Hopkins has some good ones. For expample Open Eye Signal. Nils Fr
  10. Since all of it is a speculation, here's a plot twist... We already had volume 2 with all the versions and performances of Higher Power. 🙂 Anyway, it's nice to see that Coldplay is giving us material for endless speculations and discussions to keep Coldplayers' minds busy. Can't wait to find out about the other volumes of MotS. Also I guess, with Max Martin included in songwriting process, more of the ideas could find their way to fully formed songs, so it's no wonder if they have been very productive and have music for more than one album. Not long to go until we can listen to Color
  11. I think it won't matter on macro scale at all. It is getting hyped in a circle of hardcore fans. Full leak doesn't change much, because it still will not be easily accessible. Most of the people these days would prefer a comfortable listen, not searching for music on suspicions websites. So I don't see Coldplay and their record label letting this situation blackmail them to change the release schedule.
  12. Anyone else thought that on Friday we are getting 10 minutes and 18 seconds of new music... That's almost like 3 Higher Powers in length. 🤔
  13. Holy moly, I dreamed of Coloratura being a prog rock with epic outro, let this be true please
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