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  1. "I see you waving back there" "Let's sing it away, Will!" "It's been a pleasure being part of all this with all of you. Thanks, kids, I love you!"
  2. Here you go, it's tiny, but better than nothing:
  3. I was just working on the same gif :laugh3: Why do these things always happen when the camera does a wide shot???!!!
  4. Do you happen to know what interview it is? I'm quite sure I must have it somewhere but I couldn't find it withouth opening hundrets of videos . . .
  5. A little ASFOS moment: I know the following gif has been posted before by coldplayisawsome, but I couldn't resist the temptation of adding the lyrics:
  6. To get away from the topic of boobs, here are two more gifs from the Ghost Stories TV Special. Just because I love it when Chris makes Jonny laugh: And the same in black and white (can't make up my mind which one's better):
  7. I'm just going to resist the temptation of going on youtube to watch cute cat videos and go to bed now (as I should have hours ago). Goodnight! :escaping2:
  8. I think there are worse things to spend one's precious free time on ;)
  9. I'm not working on any MX gifs at the moment, so I don't see any danger there :lol:
  10. Me neither, I made the exact same gif (even with the same zoom), but for some reason the upload to photobucket took ages, otherwise we would have simultaniously posted the exact same gif :laugh3:
  11. Well, I thought now that I "suffer" from this obsession I'd better do it right :wacko: ;) I only just learned how to make gifs but it's a lot of fun. I have a few more waiting to be posted here the next few days :jbcm:
  12. For some reason this didn't show in my last post:
  13. I finally had time to watch the BBC Radio 2 theatre concert and couldn't help but noticing a few Buckin moments: And they hardly ever walked past each other without one touching the other's shoulder/arm:
  14. If only looks could tell . . . Oh, wait a second - they can:
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