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  1. I think he can sing great... but I am just saying that initially I thought he was doing a lot of Thom Yorke type stuff. But I mean, who wouldn't be influenced by Thom!
  2. I was JUST looking for a post about Johnny. OMG!!! :wink3: He is incredible!!! He is my favorite actor. I am 30 years old and I swear I turn into a teenager when I see this man come on the screen. :o
  3. I was shocked when I read this because I didn't even thing Coldplay was working on anything. It seemed like I knew more about ROBTTH before it came out. Are they being sneaky... or am I just out of the loop?
  4. Someone asked what I listen to. Too much! :lol: Radiohead Coldplay Muse Snow Patrol just to name a few... I have three Union Jack flags in my office at work. They are small ones... I have them right next to all my minature classic Mini Cooper cars. ;)
  5. Anyone notice that all the good music now-a-days is coming from the UK!? Oh yeah!!!! ;) I have always had this secret dream to live in London or Manchester. I am a California gal, so it's not possible. So I just drive around with a GB sticker on my car. :D
  6. Matthew Bellamy sounds like Thom Yorke Okay, I totally think Muse RAWKS! But I have to admit that when I initially heard Matthew's voice I thought, "oh crap... this guy is trying to sound like Thom Yorke." Radiohead is one of my favorite groups, so I got a little bitter when I thought he was trying to sound like the-one-and-only Thom! Once I got past that I thought that they totally kicked ass!
  7. Actually, it wasn't part of an interview. It was a section about things that are coming up.
  8. I am not sure if anyone has reported this yet, but the new Q Magazine on the shelves now says that the new Coldplay album is due in March! What's even better is they are saying the new White Stripes album is due in the summer!!! OH YEAH! :pleased:
  9. I am just NOW reading the books... so for me it was the movies that started it all. All the hobbits ROCK! By the way, Sean Astin is the NICEST man I have ever met. Very sweet. :)
  10. Gosh, I haven't been on this forum for like a year! I'M BACK BABY! :cool: Anyway, I want to see how many Lord of the Rings geeks come on this site. I am officially a geek now because I attended the LOTR convention! I met Dominic Monaghan and Sean Astin. I literally almost ran into Billy Boyd on his way to the restroom... and I saw Elijah from a few feet away. The guys eyes ARE really that blue! :stunned:
  11. I got this email from Coldplay.com saying that the Moses Live Video was going to be available to see starting yesterday on AOL. I went on there and found nothing? Does anyone have a link or a idea of where I can see it? Thanks!
  12. Where did you hear they broke up?? :(
  13. Doesn't he? He really is awesome. :)
  14. Message from Jack White Maybe some of you check out The White Stripes website. If you do, then you are familiar with how Jack White periodically writes a message to his fans. I loved this particular message and so I have copied it here for you alll to read. I love this man! :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello candy caners with beautiful brainers, Well the days are just spin, spin, spinnin’ Meg was in the hotel lobby today waitin’ on a friend I was on a cement stoop wishing I had my banjo. We played in new zealand, beauti
  15. I think they are a cool match actually. Right on Jack! :D I am a fan of Renee Zellweger and I think she is one of the few truly sweet ladies in Hollywood. So if he were to be with anyone, she would be it! Does anyone have any links to pictures of them together? Notice how noone really talks about these two in the media. But Chris and Gwynth and Ben and Jen... forget it! Anyway, I think Jack and Renee are a cool pair.
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