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  1. It's quite possible they were just hired in from a props/lighting company. (Never quite worked out if they actually lit up, or if they were illuminated from another source). In which case, they'll simply have been returned to stock, and may appear completely un-noticed in many other settings, where they'd take less of a centre stage. If they were just props, they could turn a small profit (for charity if they were so minded) by selling them off as souvenirs. Would be an excellent and popular memento...
  2. Yup, Noel Gallagher needed to be put in his place, right! ;-)
  3. We were walking along the road back to the station, when we heard the Viva chant exploding out through the air vents from down below. Massive smiles all round - like you say, a very special experience!
  4. Gorgeous photos! I also just found the ones on coldplay.com :D
  5. Now then, that is a band who knows the right thing to do... What an experience!!!
  6. I loved the way that, when we got on the tube, I could pick up the Evening Standard and turn straight to last night's review, which I'd ignored on the way down, and could effectively read the review of the gig I'd just been to... A few favourite pics of the night:
  7. Wow, that was something special! And I eat my words about them not being able to project onto the mushrooms. Never seen that done before, but it was done exquisitely. They'd obviously had to map the size and location of each one for the projections to work. All that attention to detail for two shows... Too many happy memories... :)
  8. Right, time to leave home, I think! Am I the last...? See you in there! :D
  9. Explore one or more of the Science Museum, Natural History Museum or Victoria & Albert Museum - all just round the corner from the Albert Hall, and all FREE!
  10. That'll be the Albert Memorial - find it at: https://goo.gl/maps/KAHhf
  11. Bah - I've still got a full day.... On the brought side, it's what paid for these tickets, I guess... And welcome to our lovely country, for all those above flown in today - glad we've been able to welcome you with kind weather. Hope you find plenty of fun stuff to do before tomorrow night. :)
  12. Exciting times! Though I do feel a little smug/guilty that I won't be leaving home until around 7pm tomorrow. Some of you lot put some real dedication, time and money into this game - kudos...
  13. The box office is open all day, as far as I'm aware. Though they may only be geared up for ticket collections from 6:30pm (it's possible that they have See/G&T people come in to do that, rather than the normal box office - though I have no idea. The RAH has some lovely restaurants/cafes - but pricey. Best options are the eateries on the walk up Exhibition Road from South Kensington tube. I'm a fan of Comptoir Libanais (Lebanese food) on the left - loads of tables outside if it's a nice day. Do make sure you have the Batata Harra from the Mezze menu - it's lush. Or, if you just fancy a tea/coffee, head into the Victoria & Albert museum and make sure you sit in one of the old victorian dining rooms - exquisite!
  14. Your rush to the front of the standing section in the gallery shouldn't be too much of a worry. Remember, the gallery runs almost all the way round the perimeter of the venue at the top, so there's a *lot* of front row available and, even when full, It's barely more than 2 people deep. As you're looking down, it really pays to be at the front, but as long as you're there promptly, you shouldn't have a problem.
  15. Just playing, as I don't need them now, but could pick up 2 stall seats or 2 loggia box seats. Broke my heart to return them...!
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