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  1. I became a fan during their Mylo Xyloto era. I remember this really vividly, it literally was a "click" that triggered this thing inside my head which meant I loved them. It was November 2011 I think, and I was watching the Children In Need Rocks Manchester show, where Coldplay played Paradise and Viva. I loved the graffiti, and I loved how his singing wasn't great. From that moment, I started researching them and watching their youtube videos. I'm gonna be honest, it took me at least a year before I got through their whole discography, because I tend to skip songs I don't know.
  2. [MEDIA=instagram]BG2TEllRrD1ALJ7BxyGHa_TXuN-eq10rGkFzdY0[/MEDIA]
  3. because if it rained, many would sit, and level one would be completely filled
  4. ok ok look, i was so fucking excited i forgot to smile. allow me.
  5. lol after this concert, graham took me on a tour of the coldplay set and showed me all the tech-y stuff[ATTACH=full]4816[/ATTACH]
  6. Expect to be standing for 6+ hours. Gosh getting the tube home on thursday was a nightmare! Also, once you find your ideal spot in the stadium (standing), sit down IMMEDIATELY! literally, you'll enjoy the concert alot more without your feet killing you, if you don't sit down, people from behind will just start pushing forward until eventually there's no space to even breathe. Halfway through ASFOS on thursday, a guy near me collapsed to the floor and everyone surrounding him started asking everyone for water which no one had. ALSO OMG, all drinks in the stadium have their caps taken off for safety reasons, what i do is bring a plastic bag or something and rubber bands so you and seal the drink off. its not nice having to hold your drink and worry about going to the toilet if you do drink it. hm... what other tips do i have? OH. OMG. DURING A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS AND HYMN FOR THE WEEKEND. WHEN THE CONFETTI GOES OFF. DO NOT LOOK UP AND HAVE YOUR MOUTH OPEN. I REPEAT. DO NOT LOOK UP AND HAVE YOUR MOUTH OPEN. THE PIECES OF CONFETTI ARE SO SMALL AND DENSE THEY JUST GO STRAIGHT INTO YOUR MOUTH. I CHOKED. cant wait for tonight... again!
  7. oh my gosh this concert. I've completely lost my voice and now I'm going again this afternoon. While alessia cara was on, about 20 people were shouting and arguing because two women were pushing to the front saying "im looking for my daughter", they eventually ended up right in front of us, so naturally everyone made a fuss, and she was like "i cant see what the big deal is, i paid the same amount" - ridiculous.
  8. Best night of my life. Although, i also have to say, it was actually really stressful
  9. The weather is gonna be so so bad over the next few days
  10. Also, I've just worked out some stuff. In Glasgow: 47 Minutes of the concert was after sunset In London: 1 Hour and 10 Minutes of the concert will be after sunset (Taking into account London's start time of 8:30pm, and Glasgows start time of 8:15pm, and London's sunset time on 16 June of 9:20pm and Glasgow's sunset time of 9:58pm)
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