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  1. I'm not getting any tickets from today's pre-sale either. Why tickets on viagogo are more expensive? Should we buy from this site if all of the tickets on Sports Hub web are sold out?
  2. okay, i'll check that ;) ternyata gw ga jadi ngikutin juga, keluar kota sampe sabtu. padahal waktu indonesia pas siang2 jadi gausah bela2in bangun pagi atau begadang.
  3. iyaa jadwal coldplay minggu ini padat. ada link streaming ga ya? kl nggak cuma bisa gigit jari liat updatenya haha. kenapa? lg sibuk kah?
  4. halooooooooo :D udah lama ga buka forum, apa kabar? gw ketinggalan banyak nih kayaknya hehe
  5. foto sama indomie aja, mi instan dari indonesia yg jadi salah satu mi paling enak di dunia hahaha [emoji1]
  6. hahaha yeah it really suits the name :lol:
  7. pengennya foto di tempat wisata cuma bingung di mana haha. kl di jakarta gini paling ujung2nya monas/kota tua hahah
  8. hahaha iyaaaa lg mikir foto di mana yg bagus [emoji16]
  9. hahahaha tanggal 22 pengumuman resminyaaaaaa. eh, ada yg ikut idwantscoldplay project kah?
  10. yeeesss, ink is my favorite song in ghost stories from the first time i heard the full album. i love it! and i'm happy that ink played several times in the shows
  11. speed of sound. i had a friend which her brother is a big fans of coldplay. her brother was playing the x&y cd when i came to her house. that's when i heard speed of sound for the first time.
  12. i need to recover from this heavy flu [emoji40]
  13. i once ordered atlas t-shirt but i never came. they said it lost in shipping. when i asked to ship it back they told me atlas t-shirt wasn't available at that time and i can change the order or refund the money, because i wanted the merchandise so bad i changed my order to VLV t-shirt. but after i order VLV t-shirt they refund my money instead. since then i'm bit afraid to order anything :( but these new items make me want to try again. or... is there any offline store to buy these official merchandise? in london, maybe? (because my friend will go to london this month, i can ask him to buy
  14. rame banget. orang2 kenceng kan kl soal diskon2an hahaha. ga heran sih ahok kan gerinda tapi di jakarta ada yg bilang emang jokowi lebih unggul. hasil coblosannya dikirim balik apa gimana? ga pake tps gitu?
  15. Indonesia REALLY WANTS Coldplay! btw, coldplay beneran abis tour kemaren langsung bikin LP7???
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