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  1. Jarrad

    Ghost Story

    Fair enough :)
  2. Jarrad

    Ghost Story

    Yeah it's alright I wasn't necessarily talking about you, just people in general. But yeah I look for what makes it unique from everything else I guess. Everyone has the right to think whatever they want though, so if it brings you joy to think about songs like that don't worry what I think, that's just my opinion :)
  3. Jarrad

    Ghost Story

    "what's the point in feeling love for you, when you don't believe I'm here" solid lyrics
  4. Jarrad

    Ghost Story

    I can see the slight relation to AROBTTH but as for whisper, I don't see the relation personally. I don't think you should try and compare every song to a previous album or song. the whole point of a new album is a different sound in my opinion.
  5. Jarrad

    Ghost Story

    Would be great if someone could try and decipher the lyrics and post them. I can make it out for the most part but a few words I can't understand.
  6. Jarrad

    Ghost Story

    This song is awesome! in my top 3 off the album
  7. That was REALLY good. Not to discredit anyone else but I think that's the best one so far, better than all mine at least! lol. good work, keep it up!! :)
  8. That's very sad, but I enjoyed reading it. It's awesome to read other people's writing. I appreciate you guys sharing it :)
  9. It's not the greatest, but as I said, I'm not a professional lol
  10. OK, I understand, very nice connection. Here's one I just wrote.. Politicians acting renditions, men who don’t seek change, Why we don’t seek a better world to me only seems strange, We are only as successful as the sum of our parts, There is a distasteful emptiness in the corporate hearts. Corrupted men dictate the status quo of our life, Earth the victim, into the heart drives the knife, Oil the prize, pollution becomes no surprise, War for profit, visions of money in their eyes Seeking power more so for ego less for money, Most of their kind is nothing short of funny, The longer we accept this life, in which we’re living, The harder it is for the planet to be forgiving. We are not the masters of nature, nature is our master, What use in this modern scientific world is a pastor? No historical evidence except a Roman book, The story told by the victors over the man whose life they took. The tracks of history shrouded in a falsehood of lies, Science is the key to the truth of opening our eyes, God you will find, is nothing but a mind to which we bind, We reflect God in nature, but to love we aren’t aligned Illuminati are as real as a practical square wheel, On them we impose power, all the while they conceal, The truth of the matter, this is just how I feel, Banks are thieves profiting from interest; they steal We live in an outdated world; capitalism is flawed, Monetary and social inequality should be outlawed, No single person has the power to change this place, Everyone combined is what will change the planets face. Wanting change and seeking equilibrium is what you should value, Living for the weekend and getting drunk is just a mental devalue, A solution is what we need, and to fight for it is what’s necessary, This point of life is crucial and what we do now will set the stage, For how we handle the potential for a coming ice age...
  11. The opening two lines of the first verse are good, but I don't see how "flutter of the flies" links to the contention of the song. (maybe I just don't understand, but it makes perfect sense to you) The ideas in the second verse are also good, but you repeat "for you" a bit, and that's fine if you're trying to emphasise how you feel for them, but I think you have the potential to be more creative. Again, the third verse is a bit repetitive, but if that's what you're going for that's fine. That's one of the reasons I Don't like the GS lyrics though (for the most part) I find little creativity in the lyrics and I find it less "exciting". you've used good metaphors etc. but I think you could end each line with more creativity. That's just my opinion, anyways.
  12. That's awesome. I've loved all the artwork for the album. Would be mad to get some of her artwork. Too bad it's really expensive!
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