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  1. I guess you didn't want to share them under CC0, CC-BY, or CC-BY-SA licenses? :( That's alright, I suppose - you're entitled as the photographer to choose how you want to release your images! Great shots, by the way! Looks like you had a hell of a time being that close to the stage on the second night! :D
  2. A quick update, there are now a good amount of CC photos available now! Three from the Glastonbury Festival appearance, and a whopping 68 so far from the A Head Full of Dreams Tour itself, including 1 at Wembley in London, 1 at Ethiad Stadium in Manchester, and 66 at Amsterdam Arena! Keep them coming, folks! :D Which shows will you be attending, may I ask?
  3. If you're planning on uploading photos from the shows onto Flickr or similar sites, please consider releasing them on a free license (Creative Commons Zero [CC0], Attribution [CC-BY], or Attribution ShareAlike [CC-BY-SA]), so that the images can be used freely! I encourage this, especially if you're not in the business of selling or commercializing your images, in which the vast majority of concert-goers definitely won't be. Releasing your images with such licenses will allow the images to be archived on the internet as free media, especially on sites such as Wikimedia Commons, purpose-built for such uses. Free media can be used by anyone, anywhere for a range of purposes, such as education, illustration and archival research, without copyright restrictions. A Wikipedia editor like myself, for example, can't work with copyrighted images to illustrate articles, nor can a freelance writer looking to properly illustrate their article. A commercial or publishing artist can't work with copyrighted images if they need a base image, nor can a free media category of images, depicting a particular event, be filled with copyrighted images. It would be desirable, especially when the subject is a multi-million dollar show, attended by potentially millions of people, staged by one of the biggest bands in the world at their prime, that there be a substantial amount of free media depicting the A Head Full of Dreams Tour. Unfortunately, with 12 shows in, there are zero freely-licensed images depicting the tour, which is disappointing, especially compared to the 31 images for the Twisted Logic Tour, the staggering 107 images for the Viva la Vida Tour, and the 55 for the Mylo Xyloto Tour. So, yeah. It would be wonderful if anybody attending the tour and looking to upload their images decides to upload them with a free license! Personally, I'd strongly recommend Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike [CC-BY-SA], that way you can always retain credit on your image, even when somebody else makes edits to it, and anybody who does remix your work will have to use the same CC-BY-SA license when publishing their work. Thanks in advance! n.n
  4. Wow. Nearly everybody on the internet is bitching about how it's not Britney Spears for some reason. Like, why Britney Spears? o_O
  5. > "true sound" > Has had a different sound every album. :|
  6. Hymn For The Weekend is so obviously gonna be a single. If it doesn't, somebody at Beyonce's management is gonna be furious! :laugh3:
  7. I'd like to see what would happen if Chris talked to Karl on the Today show :laugh2:
  8. The single best line to describe the consensus on this track. :laugh3:
  9. 1. Up&Up 2. Amazing Day 3. A Head Full of Dreams 4. Everglow 5. Army of One 6. Hymn for the Weekend 7. Fun 8. Adventure of a Lifetime 9. Birds 10. X Marks the Spot
  10. The title's self-explanatory. My favourite is: Lying in the gutter, aiming for the moon Trying to empty out the ocean with a spoon Up and up, up and up The unrivaled optimism in this line is beautiful.
  11. Here's my review that I sent to my friend at Altwire and got published. Warning: it's really positive, because I love this album to death! :laugh3:
  12. I've seen some good reviews for the album so far. Though, most of the big-name publications, such as NME, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and various newspapers of record, haven't published a review yet. My question is, will the reviews continue be generally positive, or will critics be polarized over this album?
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