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  1. This is the only one "Magic" box from the Ghost Stories promo album on earth. Love it !
  2. Salut à tous, Il y a beaucoup de histoires de Ghost Stories de Coldplay chez moi. Je veux juste vous en montrer quelques unes! Personnellement, j'aime cette époque. Je pense que c'est parce que l'album est très intimiste et j'ai la sensation qu'ils ont créé cet album pour nous tous. c'est comme si nous partagions les mêmes sentiments. J'y étais au Royal Albert Hall et je ne sais pas comment mais je reçois un billet juste devant Jonny au 1 er rang. Et j'adore la façon dont l'œuvre de Mila correspond parfaitement à l'album. J'ai décidé d'organiser ma collection sur cette époque
  3. Hi coldplayers ! I have some great Stuff from the GS era... will show you them later ;)
  4. Hi everyone ! Can you help me ? Need informations about theses ones ! Are they real ? The town house post production With thé parachutes tracks
  5. I’m interest ... it’s dépends what you have ;)
  6. this is the same that your’s on photobucket. Didn’t Have picture right now
  7. Hi Major cooper, the same to you , the French one with insert
  8. I will post a picture when i will have the last few who miss in my collection
  9. Hi coldplay’s Collectors ;) Get the What if promo single today. So happy !
  10. Oh ok, i have cancelled the transaction... i've see the fake Safety Ep copy....but this cd from Emi looks great to me but i trust you !
  11. I will buy a Princess of china acoustic single from EMI :)
  12. Hi all ! I'm asking now if the Warner Music Benelux are true promo singles cauz' now when i see them, they keep the same police from GS era and they wrote some small informations by the musics .....what do you think about that ?
  13. I saw one to sell on ebay in 2013 ^^ but not actually :/
  14. RealRace, No the What If promo single is very rare and expansive, this is a fault or mistake of Discogs to say that it was sold at this price :)
  15. I ran away, i can confirm you that your Paradise promo single is an original ! congratulations :)
  16. I have bought long time ago a Paradise uk promo (PARADISE001) who is the same like yours. But i can totally read the text in white on the back. I think your is good.
  17. Hi Coldplay Collectors ! I don't know if it's the best thread to ask that but. i'm very in love to the GS era and i'm searching some rare stuff about this era. If some of you have lithography or other things to exchange, please can you contact me or answered me here ? I have AMAZING stuff from others era to exchange :D Thank you !
  18. Félicitations ! avoir too ! Amazing collection with lot's of Press promo stickers
  19. I understand you, cauz' i have found Ghost Stories signed album 4x it's always a dream to meet the band and have a signature to our singles or albums
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