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  1. heres a lil something i found (from a hard rock radio station site...) that i found quite interesting.,..usually they have profiles on punk rock groups like B.Y.O.B, Billy Talent, Alixisonfire etc. its kinda funny how they talk bout coldplay...it has tons of info on CP and pretty muuuuch rocks...i unno y i'm posting this lol...just thought some ppl would find it cool to read thru and find some stuff (they didnt kno bout the band b4) out...read it if ya like! Sara :D Cold Play Sunday November 28, 2004 Coldplay is one of those bands which - for whatever reason - found tons of fans a
  2. ...arg, i dont know what to dooo! i asked her again, y she hangs out w/ angela...same answer!!!...i told her how dangerous drugs can b...but she totally blanked me out :cry: i've seen her do it, yet she lies to me and says "No i didn't do drugs." in such a way tha its easy to see she did...SHE WONT LISTEN TO ME what do i dooo?! :huh: :( :confused: :/ heeeeeelp me pleeeeeeease!
  3. i'm thinking: -ok, what am i thinking again? -is it just me or am i crazy? -...what was that guyz name again? -... :idea2: ... :lol: jack strappe (hehehe its like jockstrap :stunned: ) :lol: -....yep i'm crazy...
  4. :) thank you! and i wont give up at all...and i'll listen to all of u...more advise is always welcome :) thanks for the advise johnny_t :)
  5. oy...i hate teenage drama...thats for sure :/
  6. well yeah, but then again if ur a parent, how can y NOT see that ur child is hi everytime she comes home from school!? :/
  7. but...but...BUT THATS GUNNA B FOREVERRRRRRRRR :bigcry: what if she gets into really dangerous things?! :o what if she ends up on the streets?! thanks tho...i could really use any advise
  8. i know they change, i just dont want her to throw her life away!!! it hurts... :( ...i dunno what to doo thanks reilly :kiss:
  9. well not that i can think of :/ ...and y would she b jealous of me?! (rofl) i've asked her...she just totally went crazy on me and said "WTF SARA?! DO U XPECT ME TO HANG AROUND U 24/7?!...." she'd just go on and on...its like angela brainwashed her or something :S ...i dont know why she's doin drugs now...think angela pressured her into it...
  10. ok ok ok...well...wer do i start...uuuh... ok, thers this girl (Angela) and she's a major druggy, she goes to my school and really...REALLY hates me. in fact, she even told me that if she had a gun and could shoot anyone she wanted, she'd shoot me or my mom (my mom cus i dont have a dad...she said she wants to make my life hell b4 i die :( ) i've never had anyone hate me so much b4...and one of my best friends (Amber) has been hanging around her everyday now...not saying a word to us...i mean, we've been friends since grade 6 and now i feel like she's totally turned her back on me...she eve
  11. hmm...i'm gunna take that "about me" thing on my sig off haha :/
  12. awwwww... :( i can b ur doctor! :D :wink3: ;) ...... :lol:
  13. Reilly ....so this is married life :o (kids running around as i spank Mitsus ass, clean the dishes, or rather, the cardboard...and Bishi plays with the pet rat and her new friend Sony :rolleyes: ...)... :dozey: :confused:
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