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  1. This explains a lot about the people running this site. Oh and 60844 This is fun :D
  2. This is what people do when they don't have the brains to stick up for themselves.
  3. You are actually insane. Nobody posted on how much they miss you, my post you quoted was calling you a troll and pointing out how you can't spell properly, Black Rose was mocking you as well about how City won't win anything except an exhibition cup. Those aren't posts from people who miss you, how deluded must you be.
  4. Gregcock. Sorry. I'm acting out on my resentment for missing you. :(
  5. I dunno Reilly :( AND NOW COME TO MY BLOODY CHAT http: //tinychat.com/daw08

  6. Why is no mod responding to my simple request of enabling me to be able to tweet :bomb: And hello again :wacky:

  7. Why do you keep coming back on here when nobody wants you to.
  8. https://twitter.com/GavinJuniper/status/369566864357490688
  9. Aguero was worse for diving head first in the way of Taylor's arm which was innocently moving with momentum, he could've injured him and that's his handball arm.
  10. City could've scored 7 tonight, Krul was great, and they had a disallowed goal which was clearly onside. On top of it, as I said before, they weren't even applying that much pressure on the final third, our defence was woeful. Someone hold me.
  11. City could have had 2 goals in the first 3 minutes, but 20mins in they now have their 2. While they've set a good pace they aren't even out of 3rd gear, very worrying. THIS is why I wasn't looking forward to the start of the season.
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