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  1. I don't think it's really fair to compare an album you heard for the first time today to one that's been out for nearly 7 years... VLV is my current favorite Coldplay album, for its coherency. With the fluency of GS, that might be changing. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  2. (cross-post from /r/coldplay) I know the guys will never see this. I just finished watching the iTunes stream along with the video. I don't think words will ever quantitatively or qualitatively describe my feelings as I watched it. No other collection of songs has made me feel so happy to be alive. Music like this is why I keep on getting up every morning and going to school, and dealing with my anxiety and the harsh words of others. It's why I don't put an end to the thoughts that wage wars inside my mind. Music like this. Music like this makes me proud to be human. It makes me feel like even the worst things that can happen to us can turn into something beautiful. That love is a complex, intricate, and amazing thing, even if it ruins us. The emotion this album elicited from me is without comparison, even after one listen. It's Coldplay's most cohesive, well produced, and experimental effort yet. And I absolutely loved it. You can hear how much effort went into this in the tiniest of chimes and bells throughout the songs like at the beginning of AIMH, and you can see it in the beautiful video they made, that highlights the enchanting story the band has been able to tell. I know it's early to say that this is the band's best album, or that some of the songs are at the top of their discography (namely O and Midnight). But this is Coldplay at its most mature, and I think this will go down as their greatest achievement. This record makes me feel proud to be a member of the human collective, and grateful that I am here to be able to experience such a magical piece of art. TL;DR: You did a great job, boys PS: Hey guys! I'm Brenden. This community is amazing, glad to be here!
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