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  1. hehe actually i was on extacy from happiness ;) my friend nice talkin to u again, but now i have to leave, hope to see ya soon kisses to ur parents aswelll and tiina and nic nice to meetya guys have a great night ciao bello :D
  2. damn tried to upload a pic here and my comp froze, it is 7 years old comp and it is pentium 2 with 3 gbs only and i get 100 messages a day that it has virus hehe anyways, i wanted to show also a pic of me and my sis that was on a hungarian website, it was when we went to see deep dish, do u know them? ythey have the song "say hello" if u dont know it, u can downloaded it was a great night with amazin music, here is the link for my pic http://rapidshare.de/files/10731976/j.k_deepdish_2005_30th_of_december.jpg.html u guys can downlaod it too if u want to see
  3. heheh it seems that the mutant scored again hehe no kiddin, he is really great, u should really meet him in person, internet chat doesn't justify him btw willy 2 days ago i had a dream that u came to visit me and woke me up from my sleep like u used 2 hehe
  4. hey hey nic, im johnny, nice to meet u. sorry if i am a bit slow in respondin but i have like 15 emails to reply to :/ how did u guys meet willy hehe and i am interested to know wt was ur first impression, pls feel free :)
  5. u biatch y am i not on the top of ur lovin list? hehe best friend my ass :D and are u still goin to toronto to see cp or is it still too cold? :) tina introduce urself :P, im johnny from greece 18 but currently livin in hungary workin in budapest, great city,and i love music, hearin it, composin it, and playin it (music i mean :P), u? oh and did u start ur guitar lessons willy?
  6. hehe tina i donnu u but as i said i know willy and there must be somethin obvious and wonderful about u that i am yet to see hopefully :) well on new years we went out with thousands of ppl on the street dancin all dogether meetin and kissin everyone ofcourse with lots of shampagne, well i had 3 large beers as a starter and then drank 6 bottles of shampagne with my sis, and it was minus 2 outside but anyways with all these drinks and jumpin i didnt feel anythin of that i even didnt notive when it started rainin, i realized it was rainin after i saw drops on the street hehe, well when it became 2006 a great song was on everyone was openin shampagne jumpin, ppl i donnu were pourin shampagne on my head, what the fuck!! hehe it was a great night, and i remember i was pissin infront of a car and smilin to everyone passin by like an idiot, and one australian wanted to kiss my mom heheh it was amazin everyone in a great mood plusfireworks, ah m8 wish u was there:/
  7. hey hey tina i donnu who u are but u must be great if willy made a thread for ur honor anywyas i havent been active for quite some time and now there is liker 10000 new members so...sonnu if i wanna catxh up :) willy wt did u do on the holidays? and hwo was ur exam?
  8. man i really really like u :P thx alot really one more time really thx and here is the fifth really: really urs johnny :D
  9. here u go m8 i reposted it in pdf format (better then the other :P) http://rapidshare.de/files/2337625/Coldplay_-_Speed_of_Sound.pdf.html cheers
  10. johnny_t

    Bea's poetry

    i knew it :P u was angry well Ari my friend any poem that shakes ur feelings and emotions is a briliant poem, no need to be a love poem i hope u get better from ur headaches and sorry to hear that u are arguin witha friend of urs about a stupid nick name :/ have u ever writen a poem that u regretted? i know it sounds wiered, but maybe some ppl write down stuff and then when they read it, they feel foolish for feelin like this or writin this poem well for example when i used to write a diary(ages ago :P ) i sometimes was surprised of wt i wrote and i was scarin myself hehe but i learned one thing that it is good to write down how u feel no matter how hard it is...i donnu y i stopped writin diarys :S ah well great poem :)
  11. johnny_t

    Bea's poetry

    Adri i got to ask u this where do u come up with these poems? i mean really? wt do u feel when u write these poems? especially this one i liked the last part where he came in a black suit pretendin he is ur friend when the charecter in the story died and left that bastard who was laughin at her like this i mean in this poem did u feel angry? agressive? sad? or somethin completely else? if this is a personal question then sorry for askin :( just ignore my question
  12. well pls pls dean post it and have all of my bings :) :P
  13. hey that is so great where did u get square one? thx alot really can u get more :P?
  14. ur welcome guys :) and i didn't know that someone posted it, i was away remember ;) and ppl kept requestin for it so... and dont worry if i get other sheets i will post them :) dont worry
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