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  1. I get the worry but I think we need to hold on what chris said here
  2. I I'd love to see car kids being release, something tells me its a great song. Most of the reminiscent material they hold on from mylo era to now seems to be top nutch, I mean most of the songs they've been releasing so far have been so good. Even the most poppier sound like a great coldplay song, so yeah car kids come right away haha xD
  3. Coldplay goes bjork's medulla style Hahahaha
  4. It would be my last show, cos I'd die hauahauahaua
  5. Dont get me wrong, I like mylo.. there is nothing from them that I dont like actually. But I think mylo has some issues.. its not about structure or guitar solos. Hurts like heaven is the best track from it with up with the birds and major. But I think in general the album is a little overproduced.. but ok its not like ahfd, but I think the vibe from the record is..too much you know.. and what really makes me feel like it didnt top their first four albums its that it seems that they are trying to hard to sound like some genre of music..and not being free, themselves. I mean its coldplay..thei
  6. I do but its seem like a more balanced popish, anyway..I think it would be a really strong track
  7. Yeaaah I think that too..that's something about that tease that brings me something very nostalgic, it feels like what I felt when I first heard of them. Its old and new at the same time, had some baselines and some x&y vibe but more pop but its a smart pop..IDK just sounds so unique and so touching.. and sooo COLDPLAY thats what I love about it. Its the coldplay innovating like what they did from album to album in their first four. Man I need that song hahahaha
  8. About what I said earlier, here is a part from a recent interview: "Not worry about commercial perfomance" this got to mean something right?.. so o think is unlikely we will get an album like mylo or ahfd. I think the direction will be a mix of the essence of the band from the first 4 albums with some nuances of pop, like it happens on tracks like orphans or church or even CoTw...well Im excited, cos it feels like I've been waiting this band for 12 years and they are finally back
  9. Well..from what we know so far, I believe that we will get more of a mainstream album, not necessarily pop.. but maybe more in the veins of songs like church..orphans and champion of the world on a full album. And thats so great cos.. COTW is classic coldplay with some new touches..church is beatiful too..and all this songs are not like sooo much pop like ahfd or even mylo. I think it got more of their essence..and they sound more approachable and mainstream..so if I had to guess..I would think that LP9 will be more like those tracks. We'll see. And dont forget that recently Chris said on a
  10. Couldn't agree more. Orphans is what coldplay should have done if they were after a pop feel before viva la vida
  11. Dammm gengahr's new single is so good. This band..highly recommend
  12. I get the point of the article, since their last few albums had that kind of appeal..but at the same time I kinda think this is a little ridiculous... I mean she can't really guess what they are aiming to in this new era. There isnt even a single yet, and..well they did have moments in their careear that sound quite experimental: Spies (early version), spell rebel well, even some solos on pré-parachutes era, like in such a rush. On viva we had chinese sleep chant, the bridge/structure of 42, the escapist. I know its not like Kid a's experimental but..it is a lot more than the last few records,
  13. Miss that time... Im kind sad about the latest shows. They were fucking magical till the viva la vida era.. but now..its just.. I don't know.. its weak, its good, but its a 7 not a 10 anymore. My last shows was 02/03/2010, São Paulo, it was something hahaha ^^
  14. Funny from an album that has songs that stills are rock like birds, amazing day, up&up, ahfod... Chris have always express himself in a wrong way. Its just the same thing now
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