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  1. Spike! Not sure if you'll ever read this, but we're all somewhat itching to know if the band has registered any new titles on PRS, you still a member? Wanna repeat history? haha

  2. Thanks guys :) I think Mylo Xyloto is a great name for the album, bring on 24th October!!!:D
  3. Lately, I've been in the mood for songs with really great melodies to them. Obviously Coldplay being the main providers, really like alot of Keane and Travis melodies as well, can anyone recommend anything (any genre of music, apart from metal)? Would love to hear of songs loads of people probably won't know, or even just your favourite songs right now :)
  4. Swiftly followed by the EP "Coldplay cover Rebecca Black".
  5. I made a huge list of all the new song titles I came across. I think it's on page 17 of this thread, there's about 30-40 new song titles there. Some go as far back as the Parachutes era. EDIT : sorry it's on page 20.
  6. You mean on the PRS database? Will do :) Funnily enough I decided today to check all the other members of Coldplay just on the off chance that they've registered one of the new songs before Chris. I found a new song title called 'Xandy' (through searching for the songs Will has registered) written by all members of Coldplay. It was registered on 13th October 2006 though, so it's already been left off VLVODAAHF.
  7. Cool, here's another one I found : http://www.musicrooms.net/rock/38085-coldplay-album-title-revealed.html
  8. Someones probably already informed them that the titles leaked.
  9. I doubt media sit and go through this forum, I suspect they just got the story from the main page on Coldplaying.com.
  10. I think they do. I remember hearing X&Y was originally supposed to be released in January 2005 though, so I guess with a band as big as Coldplay they'll give a bit more time and deadlines might be less pressured upon the band.
  11. Maybe they only had a couple of weeks because they were planning to release it on October 10th, but now that they are taking a bit longer they might of had to push the release date back a couple of weeks to later October.
  12. That's actually one of the best theories I've heard regarding LP5, never knew it was you that came up with that one, great stuff :)
  13. Here's more articles on it - http://www.gigwise.com/news/65337/Coldplay-To-Call-New-Album-'Mylo-Xyloto' - http://www.imdb.com/news/ni13259913/
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