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More Live Aid II rumours


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It's the song that became synonymous with Live Aid, the transatlantic concert which raised £60million for Ethiopia's starving children.


And now two decades later Status Quo are set to go Rockin' All Over The World again and kick off Live Aid II.


Music industry execs are hammering out plans for a new mega-gig to take place next summer. Coldplay, The Darkness and Jamelia have already signed up for Band Aid III, where they will record an up-to-date version of Do They Know It's Christmas?


Tentative discussions about the concert originally took place earlier this year, with U2 frontman Bono the driving force. The plans were put on the back-burner at the time, but have now been rekindled, as the Band Aid III record takes shape.


Instead of helping Ethiopia's hungry, the target of the new show will be famine-stricken Darfur and it is likely to be staged at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium.


A source revealed: "With the single taking place, the concert is likely to be the event of 2005."


Status Quo have been pencilled in to repeat their curtain-raising performance from July 13, 1985 at the marathon gig which wowed audiences at Wembley and in Philadelphia. Last night Quo manager Simon Porter said: "We'd do it if we were asked."


Source: Sunday Mirror

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