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Nelson Loved Scrapped Album!


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I found this article on a website from a little while ago:

Does this mean that old songs will be back on the new record, I dont think so. But it does mean they were considering it. Also, I find it hilarious that Ken Nelson thought the new album was going to be better than AROBTTH and then they scrapped it! :lol:




The band is in a Liverpool, England, studio with Nelson working on 11 new songs, some of which were played during their last tour (see "Coldplay Enter London Studio To Begin Work On Third Album"). In a month, Coldplay will move to Air Studios in London to continue working on the album. No release date is scheduled.


"They want to take their time to make sure it's really, really strong," Nelson said. "They always want to deliver the best album they can, and this is going to be a fantastic album. I actually believe it's going to be stronger than A Rush of Blood to the Head."

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