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Boston Pre-Sale tickets anyone???


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Hey everyone,


I just received an email confirming I got presale tickets to the Hartford show althought I really wanted the Boston show since I live in the area. I was just wondering if anyone here had the reverse situation and would be willing to switch with me. Either way, it's fine because Hartford's only a 1hr and 48 min drive away, but I'd much prefer the 20 minute T ride :) .


Thank you,




P.S. Since I'm new my quickie introduction is that I am a huge Coldplay fan. I had the privilege of seeing them in First Ave in Minneapolis. If anyone's been there you know how awesome that must've been since it's a small venue :cool: . Seriously, it was the BEST concert ever :cool: . Other than Coldplay, I listen to a lot of Travis and Starsailor.

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