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Were any of you ever made fun of for liking Coldplay?


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Hey were any of you ever made fun of for liking Coldplay before they became one of the biggest bands in the world? I know I was, being one of the only people who realized how great Coldplay was from hearing parachutes. I remember people at school teasing me because I was wearing a Coldplay T-shirt. Then I was really made fun of for driving to another state for 10 hours just to see them live (Which by the way was the best night of my life). Of course it didn't seem so extreme for me because I knew that they were the best band ever, but I used hear about it all the time from some of my friends. They'd say things like, "Hey remember the last time Alex drove for 10 hours just to see Coldplay?" Now I feel vindicated when reading about the thousands of fans in tears because they didn't get tickets to a gig (some offering their bodies in exchange for tickets!). Please share your stories, feelings, etc.

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