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Concert in Pittsburgh Tonight, just a few questions (10)


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I just had a few questions about the concert, hopefully you people who have been to them recently can help me out


1.) Shirts, how much are they on average? can anyone remember colors, and other merch available and their prices?


2.) How early to go beforehand for good seats (doors open at 7:30, i'm in lawn seats, so... *shrug*)


3.) Digital cameras, ok or not ok?


4.) Is it ok to bring in food/drinks?


5.) Should I ditch Coldplay for The Wiggles?


6.) Are the opening act(s) good or bad?


7.) Anything to watch out for during the show? i heard something about the band throwing cameras, any other audience participation???


8.) Has Coldplay done any covers of songs so far on the tour? or are they doing all their own? any unreleased?


9.) Most recent setlist we can agree on?


10.) and the show overall? good? bad? orgasmic? did will sport a fro wig like in my dreams? yes? no?


lol Thx Guys, i'll check this before i leave, which should be 5-5:30ish EST

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