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What's waiting for Coldplay?!


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I'm a real big fan of Metallica, and no one can ignore what they did to the Metal music.


Now, I'm a new fan of Coldplay, once I heard there 2nd album A rush... I knew they're really So good, and I remember when I checked a Comment about the Album in Amazon's cdnow.com that's telling how much this one was so amazed about their music and asking him self "how they cold do that?!"

And when I listened to A Rush Of Bloo... I came out after the end wondering and asking the same question.

also I didn't have any doubet that the 3rd will be great!



I think that Coldplay still have a long way ahead, And they'll be something like U2 for the Soft Metal, and they'll be even much better :)




So, What do you think or Imagine about the future for Coldplay?

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